Tottenham Fan Who Sprayed Red Liquid on Kane’s Uniform And Crushed It With His Foot

A fan who uses the X Twitter ID of HamXXX put down Kane’s Tottenham uniform with his back number 18 on the floor and sprinkled ketchup on the uniform. 토토 Kane, a former Tottenham youth player who signed a professional contract in the 2009-2010 season, went through 37 times and wore 18 times in one season in the 2014-2015 season. Kane, who has played 10 times in eight consecutive seasons since the 2015-2016 season, moved to Munich for more than 100 million euros including options this summer and was assigned the 9th number of Munich left by Robert Lewandowski FC Barcelona.

After spraying so much ketchup that his name was erased, a fan who trampled on the uniform with his feet said, I bought this uniform before my grandfather died. My grandfather was a prisoner of the German army during World War II, and he died a few miles from White Hart Lane. White Hart Lane is the former home of Tottenham. It moved to the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in 2019. The fan then informed of the eternal breakup, saying, Kane is no longer Tottenham’s prisoner, but ironically, as soon as Kane set foot in Germany, he died to me in my heart.

Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust, the official supporters of Tottenham, issued an official statement and said, It should never have happened like this. We’ve lost a generation of talent. Fans were angry and hurt. Our loyalty has also reached its limit, he claimed. As the team has been going downhill since 2019, he pointed out that the board’s strategy is insufficient over the fact that our own player was forced to leave.

Kane scored 280 goals in 435 games in Tottenham’s uniform, surpassing last season’s record of legendary Jimmy Greaves and standing tall as the most goals scored in Tottenham’s history. In addition, he scored 213 goals in the Premier League alone, ranking second in his career. He chose a new challenge at the age of 30 with just 47 goals remaining, the record of Alan Shearer 260 goals, the highest scorer.

Kane has won three individual all-time top scorer titles, but has not won a common trophy. Tottenham, which has been on the decline in recent years, remained in eighth place in the league last season and failed to win a ticket to the European club competition.

Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy said, We have sought various ways, including short-term contracts and long-term contracts, with Kane and Kane’s representatives over a long period of time. But Kane wanted a new challenge. I made it clear that he would not renew his contract with us this summer, he said, confessing that he could not catch Kane.

Kane said, It’s not easy to say goodbye to the club and the fans who have presented a lot for me in my career. Tottenham will always be in my heart. Thank you Tottenham and Tottenham fans, he said.

Son Heung-min, the new captain who has worked together since 2015, called Kane a leader, brother, and legend, adding, It was a pleasure to play next to you from the beginning. Together, they made many memories, played amazing games, and collaborated on tremendous goals. Kane, thank you for everything you’ve done to me, to our club, to our fans. I hope you enjoy the best moments in the new chapter. Good luck, brother.

Kane played as a substitute in the 18th minute of the second half of the 2023 DFL Super Cup against Leipzig at Allianz Arena on the 13th, shortly after the transfer, and played on the ground for about 30 minutes. However, the team lost 0-3 and the debut match was somewhat faded.

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