Adapting to KIM And B Munich Requires More Time There’s More Time

Kim Min-jae was not included in the starting member of the 2023 German Football League RB Leipzig Super Cup held at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on the 13th. 먹튀검증 He was put in the second half.

For Bayern Munich, Matthias de Ligt and Dayot Upamecano played as the main center backs. Coach Tuchel trusted the familiar combination that worked together last season. Bayern Munich lost 0-3 after losing 0-2 in the first half, giving up additional goals in the second half.

Before the game, it was a different choice than expected. Coach Tuchel said in an interview with local media that he would form the best starting member in the Super Cup.

With the exception of injured and newly transferred Harry Kane, Bayern Munich put forward the best members. Front-line Tell, second-term Musiala, Gnabri, Sane, Reimer, Kimmich in the third-term, Pavar, Upamecano, De Ligt and Davis in the fourth-back. In the main goalkeeper, Ulaihi was put in place of Neuer, who was injured.

However, Tuchel’s choice was not good. Bayern Munich took the lead in the game, but eventually allowed Leipzig three goals due to defensive problems. In particular, he gave up the flow completely by making multiple runs only in the first half when the flow was important.

Regarding the reason for excluding Kim Min-jae as a starting member, AP said, Kim Min-jae, who joined Napoli, needs more time to adapt to Bayern Munich.

Coach Tuchel prefers the centre-back to strengthen the defensive line more than move forward. In the pre-season game, Kim Min-jae was quite aggressive, stirring up the defense and midfielder lines. He was not in good harmony with his teammates, and his condition itself was not 100% due to four weeks of military training.

As Tuchel said, it can be solved over time. There is a clear reason for Kim Min-jae’s bench start.

However, this choice was a little unexpected. Already, local media, including Germany’s Bild, predicted the Super Cup, saying, In Bayern Munich, De Ligt, Kim Min-jae, and Upamecano are expected to compete for the center back position. Ligt and Kim Min-jae are likely to be the main center backs after perfectly confirming their defensive ace positions last season. In the Super Cup, instead of De Ligt, Upamecano is likely to form a center back with Kim Min-jae, he said. In addition, the Leipzig website said, It is unclear whether De Ligt will play. However, if De Ligt plays, he will be a starting center back with Kim Min-jae. In other words, Kim Min-jae was expected to be the main center back. However, Tuchel’s choice was different.

Kim Min-jae, who was put in the second half, was not in bad condition. In a live broadcast, Euro Sports said, In the 24th minute of the second half, Kim Min-jae scored a great block against Benjamin Seshko. He said, We are showing our skills worthy of the price of 50 million euros.

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