Lee Kang-in Wins MVP in Debut Game

Lee Kang-in made an official debut in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Although he was not connected to the attack point, he played a key role in the attack and gave a green light to the main competition. 토토 He was also proudly named The Player, the best player of the game selected by the French League 1 secretariat. It was more meaningful in that it overturned all local expectations that classified him as a backup resource.

Lee Kang-in started the 2023-24 French League 1 opening game against Lorien at Parc des Frans in Paris, France, on the 13th and was very active. It was his official debut match in PSG uniform. As the team drew 0-0, its performance faded, but it showed enough presence to expect greater expectations for its future performance.

He played as a right-side striker in the 4-3-3 format and shone from the beginning of the game. Lee Kang-in, who set up an offensive team with newly recruited players such as Gonzalo Hamus and Marco Asensio, showed a sharp appearance throughout the game, breaking through three defenders in the first eight minutes and handing Hamus a sharp penetration pass. In the 16th minute of the first half, he dug from the right to the center and boldly attempted a left-footed shot to threaten the opponent’s goal.

In the 7th minute of the second half, Lee Kang-in also sought to score with a left-footed shot, but the shot slightly went over the net, swallowing regret. On this day, Lee Kang-in played a key role in the team’s attack by recording the most ball touches 85 times among the strikers until he was replaced by Hugo Ekitique in the 37th minute of the second half. He tried three shots and threatened the opponent’s goal. Pass success rate reached 88 percent. Dribbles also made three out of four. It is also in charge of set-piece kickers and even showed sharp kick power.

In response to this performance, the League 1 Secretariat also selected Lee Kang-in as the The Player of the game. The fact that the striker became the MVP of the game in the 0-0 draw also means that his presence was different. The League 1 secretariat said, Lee Kang-in and Asensio revitalized PSG play. In particular, Lee Kang-in played a great role in the position where Messi, a great Argentine player, played. I will be satisfied with my performance, he praised.

It was meaningful that he played well from the first game as if he laughed at the local outlook that the competition for the starting lineup would not be easy. In fact, even before the opening of the season, various media predicted that Lee Kang-in would be selected for PSG. He is a player who has just joined, and existing players or players who have joined from other big clubs are expected to take the opportunity to start first. Although he played as an ace in Mallorca, his relative attention was inevitably reduced as he was a mid- to low-ranking team in the Spanish Primera Liga.

In fact, local media Le Parisien immediately excluded Lee Kang-in’s name from the starting list against Lorien. Italy’s Sky Sports also included five freshmen in PSG’s best 11, but only Lee Kang-in’s name was omitted. PSG’s expected lineup, which was predicted several times by Transfer Markt, was also unable to find his name repeatedly. Most of the local views of classifying Lee Kang-in as a backup resource were clearly a bitter prospect for Lee Kang-in.

However, Lee Kang-in has a chance to start his debut match in line with the possibility of Neymar’s transfer and the team’s situation such as Dembele, who has not yet properly joined the team’s training. And Lee Kang-in himself took the opportunity and brightened his future prospects. Lee Kang-in’s only six-point rating among the strikers in the Get Football News France rating was also a glimpse of his presence and future prospects at the same time.

Meanwhile, amid Lee Kang-in’s struggle, PSG played an overwhelming game with a 20-4 lead in the number of shots with a 78% share, but had to settle for 1 point without breaking the balance. Neymar, who is rumored to be transferred, did not even put his name on the bench list, effectively making the breakup official. PSG’s next match will be the second round of the League 1 against Toulouse in Toulouse, France, at 4 a.m. on the 20th. It is the second stage in which Lee Kang-in will challenge his first attack point in PSG.

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