The Humiliation of 4 billion FA Pitchers Who Have Been Reduced to One-Point Relief

Lotte Giants’ Han Hyun-hee took the mound as a relief pitcher against the LG Twins in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 24th. 토토 He has recently taken the mound as a temporary starter, but since he was eliminated from the starting rotation last month, he has now been playing as an intermediary. 

Lotte starter Barnes recorded five hits, three earned runs, five walks, five strikeouts and three runs in six innings against LG Kangta-sun. However, he was being dragged 0-3 without the help of Lotte’s batters. At the top of the seventh inning, Lotte scored and succeeded in chasing 1-3. 

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Lotte put Shim Jae-min on the mound. Since the LG lineup was a left-handed batter line leading to Hong Chang-ki, Shin Min-jae, and Kim Hyun-soo, it was a calculation to prevent left-handed pitchers. He caught leadoff hitter Hong Chang-ki with a ground ball to shortstop, but gave up an infield hit to first baseman Shin Min-jae. However, he was able to take a breather by catching Kim Hyun-soo with a foul fly.

And Han Hyun-hee took the mound at Austin’s at-bat. However, Han Hyun-hee allowed a walk without throwing a strike and was immediately substituted. The total number of pitches was five. 

The next batter was Oh Ji-hwan. Looking at his opponent’s record, Han Hyun-hee was strong against Oh Ji-hwan. He went 0-for-2 this season and didn’t allow a single hit. His performance in the last three seasons was 2 hits in 11 at-bats. Han Hyun-hee’s recent appearance was a one-inning pitch against Kiwoom on the 18th. He had no physical problems with his first appearance in six days, but Sutton did not trust Han Hyun-hee. 

Han Hyun-hee’s expression was not good as she came down the mound against only one batter. With his head down, he stepped heavily into the dugout. The colleagues offered consolation, but Han Hyun-hee went straight into the locker room without saying anything.

Han Hyun-hee signed a free contract FA with Lotte for up to 4 billion won for 3+1 years last winter and wore her hometown team uniform. Han Hyun-hee, who throws 150km fastballs as a sidearm pitcher, has been an experienced pitcher with 65 wins, 43 losses, 105 holds, 8 saves, and a 4.26 ERA in 416 games in Kiwoom over the past 10 seasons. Han Hyun-hee, who has recorded double-digit wins as a starter as well as the title of the Hold King, predicted that it would be a boost to the Lotte mound. 

He started as a starting pitcher. Han Hyun-hee started the season as a starting pitcher this year. However, he lost his starting position due to his ups and downs and is now a one-point relief pitcher, not a must-win group. Han Hyun-hee, who repeatedly failed as a starter, failed to do her part in the bullpen and became a sore finger on the Lotte mound. Lotte did not recruit a one-point relief pitcher at a large cost of 4 billion won. 

Obviously, the ball power you have is good. However, it is not making good use of it. He seems to have lost a lot of confidence as he failed to show clear pitching in either the starting or the bullpen.

Lotte is in a fierce battle for the top five at the end of the season. He is playing with the determination that he will play one postseason after another, aiming for fifth place, the Maginot Line of autumn baseball. At times like this, the role of experienced Han Hyun-hee is more important. Even if he is not a starter, Lotte can get closer to his dream of autumn baseball if he plays his part in the middle.

Lotte needs Han Hyun-hee, who recorded double-digit wins in 2015 11 wins and 2018 11 wins and the second consecutive year of hold king in 2013 27 holds and 2014 31 holds.

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