Quebec Casino Resumes Business In February This Year

Late last week, Roto Quebec announced that local casino properties are now ready to resume work. 바카라사이트 Crown Corporation has notified that gamblers will be allowed to return to land-based gaming properties on February 28, 2022, but they must operate under mandatory health and safety measures and limited capacity to accommodate sponsors.

Previously, Quebec decided to suspend entertainment venues such as casino properties at the end of December, as cases of unprecedented conditions increased. In addition to casinos, Roto Quebec also reported a halt to VLT, Bingo and Kinzo offers at bars. Now work can resume in nearly two months, state says.

On Tuesday, Roto-Québec announced that casino properties are scheduled to reopen on February 28, 2022. These include Casino Montreal, Casino Charlevoix and Casino Rock-Remy, as well as Trua-Liviere and Quebec City gaming rooms. Crown Corporation also informed Casino de Mont-Tremblanc a few days later on Thursday, March 3, 2022.

The Crown Agency also shared that along with the casino, the pub and VLT at the Kinjo location will also resume work. But working hours at all properties will be different, says Lotto-Québec. Visitors must also wear protective face masks, as well as presenting their vaccine passports to enter the gaming property. Employees should also wear masks.

On Tuesday, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dube also noted that vaccination passports and obligations would remain here. In addition, the reopening casino property will be allowed to function at 50% of the maximum capacity, while the opening of the theater will be 100% of the capacity of the guest, but with the appropriate health measures.

When Crown Corporation closed its casino facilities late last year, Crown Corporation President and CEO Jean-François Bergeron issued a statement saying the closure would be different from before, as Crown knows it will have to respond. The intention was to move most of our employees to customer service.

It also released fiscal figures for the second quarter of 2021-2022 last year, which ended September 27, 2021, with the corporation reporting sales of more than 388 million CA, up 58% year-over-year, and close to meeting its full-year target.

In September last year, Mr. Bergeron said the Crown organization would not require employees to be vaccinated against the virus. He argued that unlike other agencies, Crown has no plans to mandate vaccinations for its employees. He also said at the time that the company did not know the exact vaccination rate for its employees, but it was close to 1% of 77%.

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