Hanwha Shouts Last

The ranking table will be applied to the rookie draft the following year. You get a good nomination in reverse order. Hanwha, which ranked seventh in 2011 tied for sixth place with LG in terms of winning percentage, but inferior to LG in terms of opponent record), exercised the right to nominate second in the first round of the 2013 Rookie Draft in August 2012. 토토 It was the time of the full draft, which is currently being implemented again, but technically, it was not the second overall.

The draft round proceeded after the new team NC nominated two players first before the first round nomination. Hanwha’s strategy to leave the bottom 12 years ago may have included getting the right to nominate the third place, not the first place overall, even if it comes in last.

However, now that a long time has passed since the 2013 rookie draft, the results of the nomination of Nexen at the bottom and Hanwha at the seventh place in 2011 are clearly contradictory.

Nexen named Daejeon right-hander Cho Sang-woo as the No. 1 player in the first round. Hanwha chose Jangchung High School right-hander Cho Ji-hoon as the second place in the first round. There is only one level difference in the nomination rankings, but the path the two players have taken is completely different. Cho Sang-woo made 82 saves playing as the league’s fastest fastball closer, while Cho Ji-hoon retired in only 23 games in the first division.

This year is a similar trend. Before this season, Hanwha shouted, We can’t just come in last place. At least he was aiming for the last place. As he has been at the bottom for the past three consecutive years and exercised the top draft nomination rights, he is confident that he has collected a lot of promising players.

Until the first half, it seemed to achieve the goal. He was eighth on the list, 2.5 games away from fifth place, the last train of the postseason. It has been on an upward curve since May and has won eight consecutive games that were previously unimaginable. But in the second half, everything went back to the way it was. His performance plummeted due to the shaky mound and defense.

On the other hand, Kiwoom is not afraid of being in last place like Nexen did 12 years ago. At that time, he ranked last, but became a regular in autumn baseball for about 10 years. From 2013 to 2022, I experienced the postseason every year except 2017. It was far from winning this year’s goal and quickly turned around when key player Lee Jung-hoo left due to injury.

As of the 24th, 46 wins, 67 losses, and 3 draws. It is at the bottom of the list, 3.5 games behind ninth-ranked Hanwha. Considering the position of Hanwha, which is afraid of the last place, and Kiwoom, which is looking at Silly, the current ranking table can continue to the end.

If so, Kiwoom is at the forefront of the 2025 rookie draft, which will be held the following year. After 12 years since the 2013 rookie draft, he has exercised the top nomination rights. Kiwoom will also exercise as many as 14 nominations and six nominations until the third round in the 2024 rookie draft on the 14th of next month.

High school players with more potential than ever are heading to the professional stage. It remains to be seen whether the next 10 years of Kiwoom and Hanwha will be different from the past 10 years.

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