Ontario Casino Cyber Attack Could Leach Information

Gateway Casino and Entertainment gaming sites in Ontario are currently closed for more than a week, but could reopen soon, the operator said. 슬롯머신 However, technology expert Carmi Levy noted that personal information may have already been leaked due to a cyberattack that led to the shutdown. However, the operator has not yet confirmed that.

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, the main operator of the land casino announced that it would be suspending operations at 14 properties in Ontario due to an online attack. Since then, the company has provided some updates on the situation and has been working to fix the problem. However, we did not provide an exact date for the reopening.

Mr. Levy said one of the biggest concerns about ransomware attacks is that their personal information could be compromised. In his expert opinion, this is a very likely outcome for all cases and gateway casino cases. But he also noted that the current operator is not aware of any data leaks.

The closure has also affected Gateway Casino London in the Western Fair region, which is currently closed for nine days. Ruth Hallam, a local gambler, was seen in front of a closed property when she visited to check the situation. She shared her concerns about the suspension because she couldn’t know who would carry out the cyberattack and how to fix it.

Earlier, the casino operator said there was no evidence that customers’ personal information was affected by the attack. He added that he is working with third-party IT experts to find problems and determine if information has been leaked. Mr. Levy said their data was now encrypted and that they needed to find a way to access it, leaving behind the ransomware wall.

The casino’s shutdown is also bad news for the host municipalities, as it relies on income. This includes London, which receives about 4.5 million Canadian dollars per fiscal year from casinos. London Budget Commissioner Elizabeth Pelosi said the current shutdown would not have a significant impact on the budget, but it would be a different story if it took long.

In early April 2023, Gateway Casino reported that its My Club Rewards loyalty program had been renewed across Ontario amenities. The program returns to a new version, allowing many customers to play and earn points on the operator’s property, and repaying them in exchange for numerous premium rewards at Casino Rama in Oriia, Ontario.

In December, the major operator once again proved its social responsibility in the state. Ahead of the holiday, the company made a generous donation of C$30,000 to Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario. The donation will help expand the hospital’s creative art-based therapy in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care Program

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