Camrose Casino Owners Push for Relocation

New Star Capital, which owns and operates the Camrose Resort Casino in Alberta, is restarting efforts to relocate its gaming facilities to Edmonton. 바카라사이트 Last week, the company hosted an open house for two days to discuss the move request. Scott Mather, the owner and operator, spoke to the crowd in person or online for two nights.

In November 2022, the Alberta Gaming Liquor Board rejected a proposal to relocate the casino to Edmonton. This is because Alberta’s gaming model areas are divided into rural and urban areas, meaning that only certain groups can receive funding from their respective local gaming centers. Also, waiting times are a major factor because they vary from region to region.

Last year, gambling regulators said they would not approve the measure for five reasons. But at the open house, the operator said the four points were against AGLC’s own information. According to a third-party agreement, if the transfer is allowed, it will generate a new gaming revenue of C$7-28 million for the Crown company.

Mr. Mather’s announcement showed that Camrose and St. Albert’s combined figure was C$4.6 million annually. Meanwhile, horse racing Alberta receives C$34 million per year, while the First Nations Development Fund receives C$117 per year. He also informed the AGLC that it had received letters from 250 Edmonton charities and organizations, and that it had received letters from the city’s mayor who opposed the measure.

With an open house, the company hopes to get more support for the relocation and write to regulators. Moving to Edmonton will offer employees employment in urban locations and offer them better wages. Meanwhile, Camrose Hotel will replace the casino with a new entertainment facility where current employees can stay if they want.

In the presentation, the company said that the casino will be closed due to the current difficulties. Due to the large number of communities from Edmonton’s bedroom areas, such as Sherwood Park and even Devon, it can be allocated to urban areas provided by Edmonton Casino.

In December 2023, StageWest Hospitality expressed its desire to appeal AGLC’s decision to block the Camrose Casino transfer to a vacant lot near Parsons Road, southeast of Edmonton. The company has the right to appeal its decision this spring, and in the meantime, the owner expects to gather the community’s support on his side.

However, there are communities in this area that have already declared their support for the relocation. Barhead and Woodlands County supported the request. Woodlands explained that it will have a huge impact on the county’s nonprofit organization because many people rely heavily on casino income for funding.

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