Kim Ha-sung Even Won The MLB GG, Which Was Unexpected

Many Korean baseball fans were sleeping at the home of Kim Ha-sung 28, San Diego Padres, the party, when they were paying attention to the Major League Baseball Gold Glove Awards with high expectations. 먹튀검증 What is the reason. Kim Ha-sung attended the official press conference for the Gold Glove award held at the Versailles Hall of the Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam, Seoul on the 20th and expressed his feelings and thoughts about the 2023 season.

Kim Ha-sung made his career high season by showing off his advanced skills in offense and defense this year, his third year in the big league. In particular, he was selected as the first Korean major leaguer to win the Gold Glove utility category by showing off his tight defense ability while playing multiple positions. The Gold Glove Awards ceremony was held on the 6th in Korean time, and Kim Ha-sung responded to a reporter’s question about his feelings at the time of the announcement, saying, I was sleeping at home.

Kim Ha-sung said, I was also the final candidate for shortstop in 2022, but I didn’t win the award. I didn’t have high expectations although I was nominated this year, so I was sleeping at home when I presented it, he explained. Kim Ha-sung was eliminated from the second baseman category announced first, but he beat Tommy Edman St. Louis Cardinals and Mookie Betts LA Dodgers in the utility category announced in the last order.

Kim Ha-sung said, I woke up because my cell phone vibrated so much that I found out because I was suspicious. Only then did he confirm the award on YouTube. My heart would have been beating if I had been watching from the beginning. Rather, I think I slept well, he said with a smile. I didn’t think the competitors would get it because they were so good players, but I think I got it because the defensive figures were better than the two. Unlike Korea, the U.S. Gold Glove only sees defense, so I think I had an advantage, he pointed out the reason for the award.

The utility award literally proves that he has shown off his consistent defense in several positions. Kim Ha-sung gave up the shortstop position to newcomer Xander Bogaerts this season, but he immediately settled on second base, sometimes playing third base as a shortstop, showing off his value as a multiplayer. Kim Ha-sung said, Multiple positions have become burdensome. Even so, I wasn’t in a situation where I was going to decide my position. He told the club, The playing time is more important than the position. The coaching staff and the players around me helped me well, so I was able to perform not bad as a second baseman, and I showed not bad performance in other positions, he said.

Personally, I wanted to win in the utility category, said Kim Ha-sung, The value of multi-players has increased in the Major League now. That’s why I’m more proud of winning the utility award, he said.

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