Miracle Resurgence, Multi-Year Contract Possible

MLB mentioned Ryu Hyun-jin as the seventh player in an article titled 9 preliminary FA players who need to finish 2023 with good results on the 8th. 토토

MLB.com explained, Although Otani Shohei is likely to sign the largest contract in Major League history, other top-class FA are also working at the end of the season to increase their value, adding, 9 prospective FA players, which is the last season of the contract, are taking steps to maximize their potential.

Reporter Thomas Harrigan, who wrote the article, said, It usually takes a long time for a pitcher who received TJS to get back on track, but Ryu Hyun-jin does not, adding, He threw 34 innings after returning to the mound, marking 2.65 and WHIP 1.06 for the second time this season.

Ryu Hyun-jin received TJS on June 19 last year and returned on August 2 after smooth rehabilitation for about 13 months. After allowing four runs in five innings against the Baltimore Orioles, he regained the greatness of “Vintage Ryu” by marching two earned runs in six consecutive games with sophisticated control, various ball combinations and skillful speed control.

In the game against the Oakland Athletics on the 7th, he threw well with four hits and two runs in five innings but was defeated because he did not get help from the batters, but he showed his ability to effectively throw 77 pitches in five innings.

Toronto coach John Schneider said in an interview with local media SportsNet, We were hoping that Ryu Hyun-jin would return during this season. However, it perfectly reproduces what it used to be. It may be more than that, he said. The fact that he is throwing very well is a kind of bonus for us.

Reporter Harry Gun said, “It is difficult for Ryu Hyun-jin to sign a contract like four years and $80 million as he did last time, but added, But if he maintains a stable pace like now, he will be able to receive a fairly profitable multi-year contract. It is an unexpected expectation just a month ago, he said.

Ryu Hyun-jin is 36 years old this year, and most experts predict that it will not be easy to revive after Tommy John Surgery. Naturally, the prevailing view was that it would not be easy to find a new team under the conditions desired when the contract with Toronto ends at the end of this year. However, after completing the second game after his return, the negative stance gradually subsided, and now he has begun to be spotlighted as a veteran starter who will receive quite a lot of love calls in the FA market.

Reporter Harrigan picked Chicago Cubs Cody Bellinger as the first player in the article, followed by Ryu Hyun-jin’s fellow third baseman Matt Chapman, Cleveland Guard starter Lucas Giolito, Seattle Mariners outfielder Teosca Hernandez, Philadelphia Phillies starter Eduardo Rodriguez, Ryu Hyun-jin, and New York Yankees starter Luis Severino and San Diego Padres Blake Snell. Ryu Hyun-jin is included in the preliminary FA Top 9.

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