Woman charged with lottery fraud in Alberta, Manitoba

Authorities have reported a 27-year-old woman from Toronto who is accused of organizing lottery frauds against elderly people in Alberta and Manitoba. 슬롯머신 The Peel Regional Police Fraud Office conducted an extensive investigation into the luxury lottery scheme, which lasted six months from August last year.

Law enforcement officials have revealed that older people were deceived by winning the lottery. To claim the prize money they estimated, the victims were told to submit a fee. The suspects reportedly instructed victims to transfer funds through banks, as well as to send cash and gift cards via mail to a specific address in Mississauga, Ontario.

On Monday, June 12, 2023, the authorities’ most recent press release, it is estimated that a woman received C$50,000 from a number of victims. However, police did not provide an exact number of victims. It was also revealed that the perpetrator’s name was Abigail Aseni Lindsay, who lived in Ontario but tried to defraud the elderly in Alberta and Manitoba.

The PRP Fraud Office has arrested Lindsay, who is currently to be charged in court. Some of those charges include defrauding the public of more than 5,000 Canadian dollars and possession of two properties obtained from crimes. According to police, the criminal will appear in court for her trial on July 31, 2023. There she will be able to defend herself against numerous charges.

Finally, the police urged everyone to visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center to be familiar with possible lottery frauds and other current frauds. In addition, police said they could call the Bureau of Fraud (905-453-3311, extension 3335) or Crime Stoppers anonymously if anyone could provide additional information about the incident.

It is not uncommon for Canadian law enforcement to find cases of gambling-related fraud. One of them is a former Rotto Quebec employee who will be sentenced to one year probation to serve in the community after being found guilty of fraud, breach of trust and fraudulent use of his previous position.

Earlier this year, Quebec’s Anti-Corruption Team (UPAC) announced that Martin Raymond was able to steal more than C$22,000 in user money through fraud while serving at Crown Corporation in the first quarter of 2020. The funds have been raised from about 30 user accounts, and will now receive a one-year suspended sentence from the community.

The Peterborough Police Department reported another similar incident. The crooks turned out to have defrauded the 86-year-old woman of nearly $20,000 by presenting themselves as OLG officials. The crooks told Peterborough women that the issue of prize money would be delayed and that they would have to pay to buy windfall.

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