Camloupian Receives C$35M Prize At Lotto Max

The Lotto Max’s $70 million Canadian winnings were only activated by two ticket holders in Western Canada on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, but one of the winners has already taken up half. 바카라사이트 On Thursday, Rhonda Maleku of the Camrups area appeared at the British Columbia Lottery Company’s prize center and took half of the prize money, or C$35 million.

The Lotto Max is Canada’s largest lottery system, with up to C$7,000,000 in prize money, and it can be said that it is gaining huge popularity among players. Over the past few years, British Columbia has had a huge windfall with the game. This also includes the win of Christine Lauzon, whose Burnaby resident won the correct amount in September 2021.

While shopping for beach towels, Mr. Malescu did not expect the winning ticket to be a big hit by buying it from Walmart’s On Hillside Drive, and he found a big win at home and gave a loud scream of surprise and joy. She and her husband began to tremble with excitement.

In addition, she revealed that she has been playing the lottery steadily for more than 40 years, and her luck has paid off. With the money, she plans to build a house that herself, her son, and her daughter dreamed of. She also wants to buy trailers and trucks that can help her family members financially and travel.

Finally, she mentioned that she dreamed of designing a house that she had always dreamed of and dreaming of a family, and now she could do both. She plans to use some of the money to travel with her loved ones. Mr. Maleku aimed to explore the country’s east coast after getting a new trailer.

Another winner of CA$7,000,000 who is eligible for the CA$3,500,000,000 prize is not yet available, and their identities are currently unknown. The only certainty at the moment is that the ticket holder resides somewhere in Alberta. They must pay the mega prize in cash up to 52 weeks from the date printed on the ticket.

According to BCLC CEO Pat Davis, Malsuku’s win is the third largest in Lotto Max One in 2023. Recently, Victoria couple Debbie Ramsey and Lahsen Rezrazi also won jackpot worth $35 million in the game. Their windfall is due in June 2023, and despite the amazing rewards, they continue to play national games.

Meanwhile, in the summer of 2022, West Kelowna resident Jennifer Cole made life-changing money from the Lotto Max draw. This time, it received 31 million CA dollars for playing and subscribing to the game on . Her prize money arrived in the draw on July 8, 2022. She also claimed her prize money at the Camlops office.

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