AGCO Postpones Introduction of New Horse Racing Rules

Most recently, Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission reported that it would postpone the implementation of new rules for drugs for horses in athletics and qualifiers. 슬롯머신 The regulator said previously published rules TB 15.40.01 and SB 6.54.01 would not be in effect until January 1, 2024 to provide a clearer explanation of the new requirements.

This new protocol was introduced as part of an ongoing commitment and responsibility to protect racehorses in Ontario. These changes to the racing rules were first made public on June 5, 2023. However, testing and enforcement of horses that require exercise or qualification to deviate from the veterinary list or TB 15.40.02 and SB 6.54.02 will continue.

Rule 15.40.02 is one of the updated ones, and it says that horses that need exercise to come out of the veterinary list should not test positive for corticosteroids, painkillers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or topical anesthetics. Violation of the rules will result in a minimum CA$500 fine and horses will be re-listed on the same day as required for removal.

Meanwhile, the new 6.54.02 states that horses that need qualifiers to be removed from the veterinary list should not be given corticosteroids, painkillers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or topical anesthetics. Anyone who has tested positive for any drug will be disqualified and will be re-listed for the same period.

In addition, the regulator explained that for fairness and consistency between breeds, it would review the Thoroughbred Race Rules, or TB 12.31.01 to provide the option for claimants to return horses. This is when a horse is ineligible or tested positive after an attempt to remove it from the veterinarian list.

Meanwhile, AGCO will communicate licensing details during the transition period and what to expect if this welfare initiative expands on the list. Before the rule is restored, additional guidance material will be provided on the official website and shared directly with industry stakeholders to provide clearer information on new rules and penalty frameworks.

In early June, via bulletin 88, AGCO introduced new start gate rules for Thoroughbred and quarter-end. Revised new rules and racing rules to ensure safe and acceptable loading practices at starting gates for both horses and starting gate staff. Meanwhile, there is also information board 89, which requires all current stable locations to be reported.

As a watchman for the horse racing industry, in July 2023 fined and suspended Standardbread trainer for the suspicious death of racehorse Cam Lucky Sam. Supervisors fined trainer Carol Boyer $11,000 CA and suspended her for three years. Her suspension will take effect on July 19, 2023 and will remain in effect until July 18, 2026.

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