A Message From a Mother who Raised the Collapsed KT Steel king

After going through a tough time at the beginning of this season

it was none other than a text message from his mother that caused the 28-year-old KT outfielder.

On the 16th

he started as the No.

2023 hitter and center fielder in the second game of a three-game midweek series against Doosan in the 3 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

He went 9-for-1 with one home run 온라인카지노

two hits

two RBIs and one run scored to lead his team to a 4-1 victory.

With a 2-1 lead in the top of the second inning, the batter hit his first home run of the season.

He hit a 5 km/h fastball from opposing starter Kim Dong-joo in the third and blasted a two-run home run with a distance of 2 meters over the left-field fence.

After the game

the squad said

When I was batting

my upper body went out first

so today I trained to use my lower body to use strength

and I think that part came out during the game unconsciously.

It feels good to get a good result

and I’m also very happy that I hit my first two-run home run of the season

he said.

It was his first home run of the season and his first taste of the game since October 1 last year against Samsung.

He also made some impressive shots in defence.

In particular

in the bottom of the seventh inning

he caught Kang Seung-ho’s long batted ball from second base after sprinting, which drew applause from his teammates.

At this, the dispatcher looked hesitant


It seems that you have caught it well for the first time in a long time.

He then recalled the situation at the time



I didn’t look at the batted ball very well and chased it

but I didn’t see Kang Seung-ho’s batted ball and chased it

and I think I was able to catch it by catching the drop point well.

Son Dong-hyun, who was guarding the mound at the time

didn’t thank the team for unleashing the unfortunate rain that prevented the run.


he laughed


Just like a pitcher’s job is to throw the ball on the mound

I have to be good at defense and at-bats

and I think if everyone does well, the team can win.

The squad showed a strong body and sincerity that did not hurt easily enough to play in all games for the previous three consecutive seasons.

This season


he suffered a fractured finger after being hit by an opposing pitcher’s pitch in an exhibition game

and was able to play in early June

two months after the opener.

The unfamiliar injury period was a tough time for the squad.

It was a big motivation for me to play

but this season I felt like that was gone

he confided

It was a record that was going to be broken anyway

but I think it was very difficult at the beginning of the season.

I was able to get through this difficult time thanks to my mother’s sincere support.

My mom texted me whenever I was struggling

she said

and she said

I don’t need anything else.

All you need is your son.

He continued

I was very moved and I was crying.

Even now

my family is a great support.

Even after returning from injury

he did not perform well

but he regained his form thanks to the trust of the command tower and playing consistently.

In his last 3 games

he is batting 6-for-10 (4-for-6) with one home run

five RBIs and seven runs scored.

The team did not forget to express their gratitude to director KT Lee Cheol.

Even after I came back

I kept going sluggish

but the manager kept giving me opportunities and waiting for me

he said

and thanks to his belief

I was able to hit a home run today.

With the victory

KT extended its winning streak to four games and extended its winning streak to ninth consecutive series.

With 4 wins, 9 draws

55 losses and a win rate of 2.45

they are still in third place

but they are closely chasing second-place SSG by one game.

On the same day

SSG lost to Lotte 5-5 and was mired in a two-game losing streak.

At the beginning of the season

they hovered at the bottom of the table

but they managed to move on to the second place.

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