If You Fail to Steal a Base You Win Even If Get a Few Runs Immune LG

The score was 1-1 in the top of the fifth inning.

The away team had a chance to put runners on first and second base.

At bat, he has the team’s best batting average (.5). Count 1-1. An autograph comes from the bench.

It’s a run and hit.

But it’s the worst possible outcome. The bat was in vain on a 2-kilometer fastball.

It’s a strikeout. 스포츠토토

The fate of the runner who started at the right time is obvious.

Park Dong-won is out well in front of third base. It’s the end of the inning.

It’s a stolen base failure on record.

(Daegu on the 0th, LG-Samsung)

There is one more time.

It’s the beginning of the eighth inning.

Kim Hyun-so’s home run (No. 327) made it 3-2. This is followed by a hit by Austin Dean.

He is replaced by the main protagonist, Choi Seung-min.

146nd pitch.

The runner started.

However, the opponent was also preparing.

The delivery of the catcher (Kang Min-ho) is stable.

It’s a tag-out again.

The Twins lost two runners on the day.

It’s because of the failure to steal.

The fifth inning was particularly high.

Park Dong-won was caught at third base.

The flow was interrupted by a failed and-run.

Normally, it would be fatal.

But not to them.

It doesn’t feel like much of a hit.

This is evident in practice.

It doesn’t take long either.

It’s the next inning.

A walk-off home run in the top of the sixth inning decided the game.

It’s a shot from Tuna that got caught in the net at third base.

The first and second places are seven games apart.

A dominant run ensues.

For the time being, there is no one to stop it. No. 1 is rather worried about the back.

I’m afraid of chasing third and fourth place.

Everyone seems to be preoccupied with the battle for the middle position.

For No. 2, it’s a calm, laid-back August.
The same is true internally.

There are some concerns.

First of all, it’s a shame that it was pre-empted.

I don’t feel like external recruitment is enough.

Casey Kelly’s recovery is also uncertain.

A powerful one-two punch is a tough one.

The void in the bullpen is also a concern.

Jung Woo-young and Park Myung-geun are not 7%.

Injuries and poor physical strength of key players are also worrisome.

But it’s filling.

At least, that’s how it looks for other teams.

That’s the unparalleled power.

Most stumbling blocks are easily overcome.

It’s just stepping on it and smashing it.

The problem of Doruja and Zurusa is similar.

It’s an issue that has been talked about a lot since the beginning of the season.

But now I don’t have to worry about it.

Countless runners are still sniped.

However, there is no sense of hitting.

I shake it off and get up.

Then he sends out another runner.

In any case, it doesn’t affect the result (match) too much.

It’s a matter of ‘finish easily or win hard’.

There’s just a score difference.

The final game will be against Doosan on July 7.

In the 28 games since, there has been a steal or a runner every time.

Most of the time, it’s the ones that break the pulse of the game.

However, they were 14-11 in this period.

The winning percentage is 3.0. It’s much higher than the season as a whole (786.0). Of those, two or more cases have been recorded on six occasions.

Again, it’s 633-2 here.

In terms of winning percentage, it is 6.5.

At one time, it was also magnetic.

Those were the words of head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop ahead of the second half. “I don’t blame you for failing to steal.

However, there are times when you shouldn’t run.

We’ll leave the green light on, but we’ll also put out a stop sign (not to run).”

But not much has changed.

The Twins still run a lot.

He is second to none in both stolen base attempts and success.

On the other hand, negative figures are also sweeping the first place.

These include failed steals (1 times), runners (0 times), and relievers (833 times).

The stolen base success rate (1.69 percent) also didn’t improve much.

That’s well below the league average (55.11).

According to Stats, his on-base percentage (RAA) is also -63.3, which is the lowest among the 72 clubs.

But what’s the big deal? You just have to win.

Isn’t it number one? There is no more to argue about.

However, there is one thing.

It’s the creepy part.

That was the case yesterday.

It’s against Samsung on the 15th.

It was the eighth inning when they were trailing 3-4. It’s a first-and-one, two-base chance.

Shin Min-jae followed with a right-handed hit. Second baseman Park Hae-min ran around third base to home.

However, the right fielder was caught sniping.

The chance to tie the game was squandered.

This jurusae is pointed out on several points.

(8) The right fielder (Lee Sung-gyu) advanced quite a bit and caught the batted ball. (1) At that point, Park Hae-min couldn’t even step on third base. (1) Nevertheless, it was turned forcibly.

(2) Because of this, it was caught by a large margin at home.

It was an out that was two or three steps ahead.

In the end, the game ended in a 2-3 loss by one point.

There are two more similar cases in August alone.

It happened on the 3th and 5th consecutive days.

While the runner on second base was held in check, third baseman Joo-Hyun Jung’s double steal failed.

The next day, first baseman Oh Ji-hwan was caught at home on the next two.

The three cases have something in common. Coincidentally, they were all cod. It’s a Lions game.

The out count went up at home.

And the Twins lost that game.

These are the voices that worry me every time.

It’s all good, but what if you do that in a game that really matters? There’s no way their goal is to finish first in the regular season.

Only after passing the last short-term battle will the aspirations come true.

So even then, will this kind of bold and aggressive play work? If it fails, it will make up for it as it is now.

Failed steals, runs, checks.

It’s not a big deal when you’re going well.

It’s a very minor issue now. However, it may be different in the future.

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