“Wow” This is why he’s a Korean icon… Korean soccer fans are living in the age of Son Heung-min.

Son Heung-min is an icon of South Korean soccer. Or rather, the icon of South Korean sports stars.

He’s arguably the most influential South Korean athlete of all time. But it’s not just because he’s so good. It’s not just because he’s a great athlete, but also because he has all the qualities of an athlete worthy of representing 홀덤사이트 South Korea in terms of personality and behavior.

On October 17, Son Heung-min started and played the full match against Vietnam in the Hana Bank Invitational Football Team Friendly at Suwon World Cup Stadium in Gyeonggi Province. In fact, he didn’t even have to play that game. He wasn’t in perfect shape during the game, as he collided with a Vietnamese player and looked uncomfortable for a while.

However, the 42,175 fans in the stadium chanted Son Heung-min’s name to encourage the ‘captain’.

Son Heung-min responded. “Injuries are an inevitable part of being a soccer player,” he said, “I thought about whether to play today, but it was unacceptable to come to Korea and not play in front of my fans.” “I thought about playing today, but it was not acceptable for me to come to Korea and not play in front of the fans,” he said. “It was not acceptable for me to come to Korea and not play in front of the fans.” “I talked to the coach and told him that I would play,” he said. “I didn’t participate much in training, and I am grateful to the coach for respecting my wishes.

Son Heung-min also defended his criticism of Klinsmann, saying he wanted to keep the team together. “I think there is a part of the team that looks too bad about the part where players suddenly change positions,” he said. “All the players are capable, but they have different favorite positions, and if the game doesn’t go well that day, they change positions.” “There is a part where the coach gives us freedom, but I hope we don’t think too sharply about this part.” It’s not like Klinsmann‘s attacking, free-flowing soccer is anything but positive.

“Ten goals in two games is a positive thing, no matter who the opponent is,” Son said of his 10-goal performance against Tunisia and Vietnam. “There were some missed chances, but if we work on our finishing a little more, we’ll be able to do well in the upcoming games.”

During the match, a Vietnamese player was seen protesting that he was not sent off. It was a gesture that there was no need to do so in a friendly match. Even the Vietnamese media praised Son’s humanity. Players lined up after the game to get Son’s autograph.

In closing, Son asked fans for their support, saying, “I will try to laugh with you, cry with you, and enjoy with you on the journey to the Asian Cup in January 2024 and the World Cup in 2026.” Son Heung-min has previously dismissed transfer rumors in the past, saying, “The captain of the South Korean national soccer team is not going to Saudi Arabia.”

World soccer fans may be living in the age of Messi, Ronaldo, and Holland. But South Korean soccer fans are clearly living in the Son Heung-min era.

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