Women’s Basketball ‘Takes on Responsibility’ – KB Park Ji-soo’s Steadfastness “I wanted to take a break, but—“

Park Ji-soo (24, 193 cm) is ready for the new season.

The Cheongju KB Stars guard earned a spot on the South Korean women’s national basketball team and won a bronze medal at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. She joined the team after the 카지노사이트 Asian Games on June 6, underwent a medical test, and joined training on June 16 after a short recovery period. Kim Min-jeong, who had previously recovered from a neck injury, returned to the team, followed by Kang Isul and Park Ji-soo, making KB Stars complete.

“I was actually pretty tired after the Asian Games,” Park Ji-soo said after a scrimmage against Kwangshin Broadcasting Yego on the 19th. “I’ve played three international tournaments a year for each age group since I was a kid, but this time I felt like I needed a vacation. There was only a month left in the season, so I couldn’t take a break. Luckily, our coach was very considerate, so I was able to take a little more time off.”

Park felt a drop in form during the Asian Games, but she chalked it up to lack of recovery. During the group stage match against North Korea, she felt a sore hamstring and was substituted, and although she rested for the next game, she continued to play and fulfill her responsibilities, starting in the quarterfinals.

“I thought I was tired because I didn’t sleep well,” Park said, “and I could feel my condition deteriorating. I also made a lot of mistakes today (Feb. 19). I think that’s why I’m struggling to pick myself up,” Park explained.

Nevertheless, Park Ji-soo played over 30 minutes in a practice game that lasted until the fifth quarter to get her body ready for the season. With the addition of Kim Min-jung, the team was eager to work together as a complete unit. Park said, “There were a lot of changes in the composition of the players. “We have our usual defense, but everyone needs time to adjust. We also need to see what kind of play the new players enjoy and get used to it,” Park said.

Park also emphasized that she needs to do well. “The coach also tells me not to help when I’m defending. That’s what I’ve been practicing, so I think I’ll be able to do a good job if I’m physically stronger. I’m sure many fans were looking forward to playing against Woori Bank last season, but it was a shame that it didn’t happen. In the new season, I want to show what KB Stars looked like last year, and that’s my goal and determination,” he said.

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