“What Rashford does is walk, walk towards the ball!”….Manchester United senior’s ‘blasphemy,’ “Lazy? Arrogant? Lack of confidence?”

Rashford exploded last season. He scored 17 goals in the EPL and 30 goals in the entire game. He was a “career high.” He has clearly established himself as a striker who will take responsibility for the future of Manchester United, which showed the best performance. His salary has increased tremendously. Manchester United ranked third in the league and won the League Cup.

However, it shone all season long. Manchester United tried to form a team centered on Rashford. However, Rashford collapsed like a lie this season. Only three goals were scored in the league this season. As key strikers showed poor performance, Manchester United also fell. The team ranked eighth in the league. In addition, it was eliminated at the bottom of its group in the UEFA Champions League. Many arrows of criticism are directed at Rashford.

Manchester United won 2-0 against Wigan in the third round of the 2023-24 English FA Cup (final of 64) at Dave Whelan Stadium in Wigan, England, on the 9th. Diogo Dalot and Bruno Fernandes scored consecutive goals, and Manchester United settled in the round of 32.

In this game, Rashford started and was replaced at the end of the second half. Again, there was nothing Rashford did. Then, Lee Sharp, a senior from Manchester United, blasted Rashford.

Sharp is a winger who played for Manchester United from 1988 to 1996. Sharp collected a total of 10 trophies including three EPL titles at Manchester United.

“Last season, Rashford was unbelievable. He really shone. But this season, Rashford has not been able to keep up with the pace. He seems to have lost confidence. He can’t concentrate again,” he said on Britain’s The Sun.

“In the game against Wigan, I watched Rashford. He touched the ball three or four times after the game started, and he never ran with all his might. Rashford turned around to receive the ball and took a walk. What Rashford did was just walk towards the ball,” he stressed.

“The fans are watching from above. There is something to do for the team. Manchester United needs to play fast and play more powerfully. I don’t know Rashford’s intention. I don’t know if it’s lazy, arrogant, lack of confidence, or what it is. What is certain is that Rashford is not superior to other players,” he strongly criticized.

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