FBM unveils new slot cabinet at G2E Las Vegas in October

FBM, a casino slot machine manufacturer and an international expert in electronic bingo machines, says it plans to launch a new casino slot machine cabinet model during the 2023 Global Gaming Expo (G2E).

The event will be held from October 9 to 12 at the Venice Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States.

In a press release released Tuesday, FBM said it will launch a “new slot game product” for ground casinos during the trade show.

“All details will be revealed in G2E Las Vegas for both products,” it added.

The company placed its first product in the U.S. earlier this year at Hialeah Park Casino in Florida.

Tuesday’s press release quoted FBM director Vitor Francisco as saying the company plans to use G2E Las Vegas as a “new boost” to the company’s expansion plans this year “in the world’s casino scene as well as in the United States.”

FBM, a game console supplier, launched JinquanLink, an Asian-inspired slot machine product, in October last year. FBM described the multi-game product as a collection of four themes in four games: lucky old u ̌, great buy i ̄, golden long, and eternal Feng Huang.

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