UFC Heavyweight New History 21 Minutes Ground Control Almeida Beat Lewis and Run 15 Consecutive Wins

Gailton Almeida 32, Brazil beat Derek Lewis 38, USA at home in Brazil and won 15 consecutive games. 토토사이트 He demanded Cyril Gan 33, France, the No. 1 UFC heavyweight 120.2 kg, as his next opponent.

UFC heavyweight No. 9 Almeida defeated No. 10 Lewis in a unanimous decision 50-44, 50-44, 50-45 at the main event of UFC Fight Night: Almeida vs. Lewis at Ibirapuera Arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 5th. Almeida’s career record is 20 wins and 2 losses six UFC wins.

It was a one-sided victory through overwhelming wrestling. Almeida took down Lewis from the start to the end of the game and pressed him on the ground. Almeida controlled from an advantageous position for 21 minutes and 10 seconds out of the total game time of 25 minutes. It’s the longest single-match control time in UFC heavyweight history.

Lewis only managed to block the submission and failed to make any resistance in the lower position. UFC lightweight 70.3kg champion Islam Makachev 32, Russia, who was watching the match, even said on SNS, It happens when you don’t do any grappling training, adding, “Bring a pillow to Lewis who is lying down.

Almeida drew cheers from Brazilian home fans, asking in a post-match interview, Remember last night when Luis said he wanted a slugfest, but I said it would be a unilateral show.

I knew Lewis’ punch was strong. So I’ve been able to prepare strategies for the past two to three weeks to keep him on the ground and avoid right-handed punches. I was hit a few times, but there was no big hit, he said, explaining today’s strategy.

As a result, Almeida, who has won three consecutive UFC heavyweights, pointed out the heavyweight No. 1 Cyril Gan as his next opponent. He said, I want Cyril liver. I can fight in Paris his home, Salvador my home, or anywhere, he said. I’m ready. Let’s get together, Cyril Gan,” he provoked.

Currently, the UFC heavyweight title front is fluctuating. The match between champion John Jones 36, USAand former champion Stipe Miocic 41, USA, scheduled for UFC 295 next week, was canceled due to Jones’ chest muscle injury.

Instead, second-ranked Sergei Pavlovic 31, Russia and fourth-ranked Tom Aspinal (30, England) will play a provisional title match. UFC CEO Dana White 54, U.S. said she would pursue the title match between Jones and Miocic again next year.

Rookie Almeida wants to quickly win the title challenge by targeting this situation. To do that, they have to beat top rankers like liver in the next game.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Dalby 38, Denmark shocked Brazilian home fans by winning a come-from-behind TKO against Gabriel Bongpim 26, Brazil, a rookie with 15 wins and no losses.
Dalby suffered a wave of attacks from Bongpim in the first round, but endured and pressured Bongpim, who was tired in the second round. Eventually, with 27 seconds left before the end of the second round, he finished with a ground-and-pound hit following a series of knee kicks.

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