I Need To Be Ranked 60th, But I Will Compete For Next Year’s Seed in The Final KLPGA

From the 10th, the final game of this season, the SK Shielders and SK Telecom Championship, will be held at Raviebel Country Club in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. This competition is a competition where players ranked first to 70th in the prize money rankings participate. 사설토토 Players who failed to be ranked 60th in the prize money rankings after this competition should secure a seed in 2024 through a seed ranking match in the future.

The preliminary round of the KLPGA Tour seed ranking will be held at Muan CC in Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do from the 7th. Lee Ji-hyun 2 158,602,619 won ranked 60th in the prize money rankings at the S-OIL Championship total prize money of 900 million won, which ended on the 5th.

However, it is a situation that is not reassuring. If the team fails in the final match, it could be pushed into the seed competition. Na Hee-won won 123,675,835 won in prize money this year, ranking 70th in the prize money rankings, taking her last chance. If they perform well in the final match, there is a possibility of entering the top 60.

The seed match is called the race of hell that players want to avoid the most. Players play under tremendous pressure, and those who are eliminated from the seed match are pushed back to the dream tour second tour.

Thirty-two players, including a total of 20 players from 61st to 80th in the KLPGA Tour prize money rankings, a total of five from 21st to 25th in the Dream Tour, and a total of seven from 2nd to 8th in the International Qualifying Tournament, will be exempted from the seed qualifying round.

Thirty-two players and 100 qualifiers will compete in the finals to secure seeds from the 14th. The competition will be held in four rounds. If you are listed within the top 20 in the seed match, you will receive tickets to participate in the rest of the tournament except for invitations, prize money from the previous year, and some competitions that give you the right to participate according to various rankings.

Meanwhile, Lee Ye-won 1.412,184,197 won confirmed the grand prize along with No. 1 prize money ranking, while Park Ji-young 972,479,385 won, Im Jin-hee 945,835,048 won, Kim Soo-ji 891,557,205 and Park Hyun-kyung 847,612,326 ranked second and fifth in the prize money ranking.

The competition for seed for next season is the same for the Korean PGA Tour. KPGA will give the next season’s seeds up to 70th in the points and prize money rankings for Genesis. Unseeded players must compete for seed next season at the Qualifying Tournament in winter.

The LG Signature Players Championship, the final match to be held on the 9th, will feature only players within the 70th place in the Genesis Grand Prize and prize money rankings. Players who participate in the tournament will automatically receive seed rights for next season.

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