Tie grand slam → ‘Bad’ → Order to leave home… U.S. college baseball turmoil

The U.S. Major League, which values tradition, has many unwritten rules. The bat flip, which Korean baseball fans call “bat flip,” was also one of the taboos. If a batter who hit a home run expressed joy by throwing the bat, he should have prepared for a retaliation pitch. Recently, however, a culture that is regarded lightly, such as a goal ceremony in soccer, is spreading to something new to watch.
However, there are still many baseball players who value tradition.

It is controversial that a batter who hit a dramatic tiebreaking grand slam in the U.S. college baseball was dismissed by the referee for playing “bad.”

According to Fox News, Grand Canyon University in Arizona played a four-game series against the University of Nebraska over the weekend.

The incident took place in the final game of the series. With Nebraska leading 8-3, Grand Canyon University launched a counterattack in the bottom of the fifth inning. With the bases loaded with no outs, slugger Tyler Wilson took the batter’s box. Wilson hit a big grand slam that flew well over the right fence with the ball count 1-1. It was a dramatic homer that instantly tied the game 8-8.
Wilson, who was heading to the first base pursuing the trajectory of the ball with the bat in one hand, swung the bat backward and turned the diamond when he saw that the ball hit the fence. Wilson continued to enjoy himself in the dugout after stepping on the home plate. However, he was devastated to learn that the referee had ordered him to leave due to the bat flip.

Locals in the U.S. are critical of the referee, calling the decision excessive. If he is unable to throw a bat flip even after hitting a grand slam that caught up with four runs at once, he is questioning when he will do so.
It is pointed out that baseball is not popular with young people compared to other sports because of this rigid atmosphere, and that players should be allowed to express their emotions to their heart’s content.

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