Tender for Times Square Casino Supported by Local Group

The pursuit of a commercial casino license in New York is starting to heat up. Recently, a coalition of theater workers, musicians, small business owners, hotel operators and construction unions expressed support for the proposed casino in Times Square. The licensing bid consists of SL Green, Caesars Entertainment and Rock Nation.

Earlier this year, Empire State Council officially included a fast track of three Downstate Casino licenses in its budget. Previously, it was put on hold to allow Downstate casinos to adapt to the local gambling sector, but it was lifted after lawmakers and industry stakeholders demanded that the issuance speed be increased.

Named the Alliance for Better Times Square, the group was formed to revitalize Times Square and support the permission of casino proposals that share the same purpose. Jeff Bank of Alikat Restaurant Group, part of the coalition, said Times Square is still recovering and new entertainment destinations such as Caesar Palace Times Square are needed for tourists to return.

According to the coalition’s estimates, the casino project will generate more than 7 million new visits per year, more than 600,000 hotel accommodations, more than $130 million in retail and Broadway ticket sales. Due to initial estimates, casino bids received much support from members of the Times Square Alliance.

Mike Prohaska, business manager for the Mason Tenders Regional Council of Greater New York and Construction and General Building Workers Area 79, said casinos in the area would create hundreds of highly paid union jobs. Meanwhile, Chaz Linkiewicz, vice president of Labor Area 79, explained that casinos will not take away land that needs to be used for housing.

Meanwhile, the three casinos thanked the contrast in a joint statement. The three companies said they were happy to receive support from all sectors of Times Square. The statement explains that it proposes a New York casino project that could benefit the entire Times Square. Casinos will also incorporate the Caesar Rewards program, which is a major benefit.

However, not everyone in the area is a fan of the proposed game property. For example, it is Broadway’s largest theater owner and the Broadway Federation opposed it. The organization shared that it wanted to protect the area and think about Broadway’s future sustainability without getting lost in immediate satisfaction.

The Times Square bid will also face a lot of competition as many applicants have emerged for the three downstate licenses. One of them is Stefan Soloviev, who recently expressed interest in starting a casino south of the U.N. building in Manhattan. He has also reportedly entered discussions with potential casino partners in Las Vegas.

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