SSG Fury Misjudgment First Base Trial Suspends Remaining Game

KBO officially announced on the 22nd that it has suspended referee Woo Hyo-dong, who caused confusion due to poor game management in the LG-SSG match at SSG Landers Field on the 21st. 스포츠토토

Woo Hyo-dong, the first base umpire, misused the official baseball rule 5.06 Bold after SSG Park Sung-han’s hit with one out and full base SSG Park Sung-han’s ball was deflected off a referee in the bottom of the eighth inning. He had to declare an in-play, but declared a Bold, causing confusion in the progress of the game.

Judge Woo Hyo-dong, who was disciplined, will not be able to play in the rest of this season after the 22nd.

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