The Reason Why He Made a Decisive Comment on The LG Referee’s Decision

The victory was taken away. There’s a lot to be said about the background. 토토 I hope it’s not true. Yongjin Lee Hyung Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Chung Yong-jin SSG Landers owner made a determined statement on the controversy over the decision between SSG Landers and LG Twins. He expressed anger by even using the expression “the victory was taken away.

On the night of the 21st, Vice Chairman Chung Yong-jin wrote on his social networking service, The victory was lost. I have a lot to say, but I won’t. I hope there will be no more such decisions, he said on the 21st, expressing his dissatisfaction with the game’s decision. In addition, Vice Chairman Chung said, There are a lot of words around about the background. have credibility. He also raised controversy over deliberate biased judgment, saying, I hope not.

The level was quite high, but there was a background for Vice Chairman Chung to complain. That’s why the decision came out against LG on the 21st. SSG lost the regular season home game against the LG Twins in the 2023 professional baseball league at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 21st by 1-2 and 1 point. LG solidified its lead by winning six consecutive games, while SSG lost after all-out pitching on the mound, including Song Young-jin as an opener and Roenis Elias.

He lost immediately after escaping the trend of losing consecutive games, resulting in 63 wins, two draws and 60 losses in the season. It was SSG, who managed to keep fifth place but continued the unstable trend. However, the problem really arose at the end of the eighth inning when the team failed to continue its attack flow due to a dubious situation.

SSG, who was dragged 0-2 after a two-run home run by Austin Dean early in the game, had a golden opportunity to load the bases with Herredia’s walk, Choi Jung’s double, and Han Yu-seom’s walk after one out in the bottom of the eighth inning.

However, when the follow-up hitter Park Sung-han hit the first base, the hit became a training pitch that escaped the first base line. However, he fell after being hit in the abdomen by first base umpire Woo Hyo-dong. Judge Woo Hyo-dong immediately opened both arms to make a foul call.

In a situation where the ball seemed to be caught by a straight hit, Han Yu-seom immediately headed to second base when the ball was hit by referee Woo Hyo-dong shortly after he made a move to return to the first base. However, when the foul call came out, Han Yu-seom, who returned home and took the first base again, stopped playing with a gesture asking to reconfirm the ball dead decision.

Later, as the situation continued, Han Yu-seom, who hesitated for a while, headed back to second base, and in the meantime, the LG fielders stopped defending and gathered toward referee Woo. Park Sung-han, a batter who was looking at referee Woo, also stepped on first base.

In the meantime, Eredia, a third baseman, homered, and second baseman Choi Jeong advanced to third base. Since then, the LG bench immediately applied for video review of fouls/pairs. He asked me to check if it was a Boldead situation.

Since then, the fourth trial has gone through a long discussion. And after the game stopped for 11 minutes, the final decision came out as a pair, and Herredia’s score was also recognized. However, first baseman Han Yu-seom was declared out because he did not advance to second base, the next base, but returned to first base.

For SSG, the flow that can continue the opportunity with one out and the bases loaded has changed to two outs and runners on first and third bases. The game was suspended again for 10 minutes, with SSG coach Kim Won-hyung running out and being sent off for protesting the results of the reading, but the result did not change. In addition, SSG scored only one point and failed to turn the game around as follow-up hitter Oh Tae-gon grounded out to second base. SSG lost 1-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning without taking advantage of the opportunity. Controversy erupted immediately after the game.

KBO said in response to the referee’s decision, The batter was declared fair as it passed through the glove of the first baseman, and it was later hit by the referee and became an in-play situation, adding, The play stopped because the referee was hit by the ball, but even if the referee immediately declared a fair, Han Yu-seom decided that he would not have made it to second base, so he took out.

From SSG’s point of view, it is a regrettable decision because the follow-up situation was concluded in vain by predicting what happened in advance when the decision was not made. KBO’s explanation that it judged that Han Yu-seom would not have made it to second base even if the decision was made immediately is doubtful.

The runner did not fulfill his duties as a runner, but the decision was ambiguous, confusing the players, and LG also did not make a defensive move to put out Han Yu-seom. It was difficult for anyone to know how the follow-up results would have come out in the proper in-play situation, so as a result, it was a big disappointment for SSG. In addition, LG was not aware of the situation immediately, so the follow-up play was not carried out properly, but luck resulted in a victory.

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