Son Heung-min Reveals His Training Bag

On the 17th, the YouTube channel GQ KOREA said, What is the vanilla scent that Son Heung-min has used since Hamburg? A video titled From Sonny’s attachment perfume to daily items in a training bag was uploaded. 토토

In the video, Son Heung-min said, I brought things that I usually use, adding, But I like simple things, so I don’t usually use many things. When Son Heung-min takes out his training bag, he introduced it as a bag that he always carries when training personally or wherever he goes.

Son Heung-min, who took out his soccer shoes first, said, They are the most precious and most necessary soccer shoes, adding, They are quite dirty, but they are soccer shoes that I wore recently, and they were worn when I played El Salvador.

Asked how many soccer shoes he has gone through so far, Son Heung-min said, I’ve been playing soccer since I was young, adding, I officially started when I was in the third grade of elementary school, and I wore soccer shoes before that. I wore countless shoes. I changed my toothbrush like I change it often, he said.

Son Heung-min then took out the Shin guard’s house, saying it has never been released. Son Heung-min said, It’s an item that I use every day with soccer shoes, and it contains special stories.Inside, my birthday is engraved on top of my name, and the logo of Tottenham, my favorite team No. 7, and the Korean flag are engraved, he said, showing Syngaard.

Taking out a small bag from his bag, he said, You must be most curious about this. Opening a small bag, Son Heung-min said, The national soccer team players always carry this bag, and there are a lot of shower supplies in it.” Body wash, shampoo, and treatment were introduced one after another.

He then introduced perfumes and appeared happy, saying, I like perfumes so much. He said, I’ve been using this perfume since Hamburg, adding, I bought it after seeing a player use it, but the vanilla scent is strong and it’s good because it lasts for a long time.

Asked if there was a special way to spray perfume, Son Heung-min hesitated, saying, Oh, this is a little embarrassing, and stood up and demonstrated. I spray perfume on the inside of my wrist, rub it with both wrists, rub it on my neck, spray it on my neck, and then rub it once more, spray it in the air and go around once more, he explained the complicated routine, drawing laughter.

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