Kim Minjae Left Naples And Spalletti Well

Italy’s Football Italy reported on the 18th that Napoli is asking former coach Luciano Spalletti to pay a penalty to lead the Italian national team. 토토

Napoli won its first championship in 33 years in the 2022-2023 season with the leadership of star players such as Kim Min-jae, Hvicha, and Osimen and coach Spalletti. However, Kim Min-jae, who contributed greatly to the championship, chose Bayern Munich as a buyout, and Spalletti chose to resign instead of invoking an extension option.

However, Naples did not let go. Kim Min-jae was deployed from the start of the second half of the 2023-2024 German DFL Super Cup final against RB Leipzig at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on the 13th. It was Kim Min-jae’s regular game debut.

With the team trailing 0-2, Kim Min-jae, who was replaced by Matthijs de Ligt, had to experience a 0-3 defeat without stopping Leipzig striker Dani Olmo’s hat trick.

Italy’s Areanapoli said, Kim Min-jae showed good performance in the second half. However, former Napoli player Kim Min-jae failed to block Reich’s third goal, he said. Most importantly, Kim Min-jae is not Thomas Tuchel’s first option. Coach Tuchel criticized Apamecano and De Licht as starters.

Areanapoli said, Kim Min-jae was the main player in Naples, but Kim Min-jae is not the main player in Bayern Munich. Of course, the situation can change, he shook Kim Min-jae.

The same was true of Spaletti. Initially, he was going to take a year off instead of an extension option. The reason why the extension option was not activated was because the Napoli club refused to raise the salary itself. This forced Spalletti to give up the option to extend. Against this backdrop, the Napoli club has begun to block Spalletti’s path.

Earlier, the Italian national team became vacant when coach Robert Mancini suddenly resigned to go to Saudi Arabia. Director Spalletti has emerged as a strong candidate. He used to say that he would return at any time if he was the head coach of the Italian national team. However, the Napoli club has stepped up to interfere with Spalletti.

Football Italy said, The Italian Football Association has offered Spalletti the head coach. But Napoli are demanding compensation. Initially, manager Spalletti was known to compensate only if he went to the club head coach Taibeng, but Napoli has asked for money even if he takes the helm of the Italian national team.

The media said, Napoli is threatening manager Spaletti through the club’s lawyer. They will seek compensation through the club’s legal team, he said. However, the Italian Football Association is unable to pay compensation for the league’s expenses. Therefore, he pointed out, We have to pay through Spalletti himself or through a sponsor.

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