Shutting Out 4 Games in a Row and Taking First Place

Kim Sang-woo, manager of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, is not excited.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, led by Coach Kim, won with a set score of 3-0 (28-26 25-21 25-22) in the last game of the first round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Men’s Division against Korea Electric Power Corporation held at Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium on the 5th.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which finished the first round with 5 consecutive wins and 4 consecutive shutout wins, ranked first. 

With 5 wins, 1 draw, and 14 points, they have the same number of wins and points as Woori Card, but are ahead in set goal loss ratio.

At the official press conference after the game, Coach Kim said, “The players are good these days, but they work hard.  카지노사이트

I feel like I feel the joy of winning, the joy of scoring a point by scoring one. 

Thank you,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance showed excellent concentration not only in attack but also in defense. 

Coach Kim said, “We always practice defense hard. I think the ball arrived after moving well as analyzed. 

It also reflects a lot of the will to catch,” he said.

Lee Sang-wook had ups and downs in his performance. 

It was a psychological issue, but I gained a sense of responsibility after taking on the role of vice-captain this season. 

He feels the preparation process has changed. He praised libero Lee Sang-wook, saying, “He has improved his skills a lot.”

Coach Kim’s choice to improve his constitution seems to be paying off. 

Coach Kim said, “After the end of last season, we organized a lot of players. 

He emphasized the mental strength to come together as one. He is following along well. 

The motivation is also strong,” he said.

This is a first-round turnaround achieved by last season’s last place team. 

But Coach Kim maintained his composure. 

Stamina management and injury management are important. 

It’s important to maintain our pace. 

I will supplement and refine what is not working. 

I will go calmly. 

I won’t give a damn. 

I finished the first round well. 

It’s a good start, so I’ll achieve better results than last season.

Chungmu Gymnasium has also been revitalized for a long time due to the recent winning streak. 

Coach Kim said, “I had that feeling before the game. 

It got a little hotter. 

He felt that many people expected victory. 

So the players are excited and it seems like there is a synergy effect. 

After all, the stadium must be hot,” he said with a smile.

On the other hand, KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min, who suffered three consecutive shutout losses, said, “When it was important, Ha Seung-woo missed the toss. 

It is not correct that the serve error occurred 21 times. 

He was going well, but when it mattered, he made a mistake. 

Fortunately, the performance was better during the first round. 

Starting from the second round, we will boldly make substitutions. 

I will prepare well for the first game,” he said.

Thais did not survive this day. 

In particular, he was shaken in the second set. 

Coach Kwon said, “It was difficult to get the timing because the reception was shaky and the toss kept changing. 

Because I kept getting stuck, I got blocked. 

Seungwoo wouldn’t have given it that way on purpose. 

I hope you gain strength and work hard,” he said.

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