Season 8’s 40th Home Run Room

Otani played as a starting pitcher and second batter in the 2023 Major League Baseball MLB game against the Seattle Mariners at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, on the 4th. 토토

Pitcher Ohtani lowered his season’s ERA from 3.43 to 3.32 with three hits, one walk, and four strikeouts in four innings, but had to postpone his 10th win for the second consecutive year to the next chance. Hitter Ohtani recorded two hits, one RBI, two walks and one stolen base in two at-bats, including one home run. 40 home runs in 2 years since 2021 46.

The beginning was not smooth. Otani faced a crisis of first and third base with no outs due to J.P. Crawford’s hit and Angels C.J. Kron’s throwing error in the top of the first inning. However, after Eugenio Suarez’s fly ball to shortstop and Kalali’s strikeout, Thai Francis was put on a grounder to third base, escaping the crisis without losing a point.

Otani, who immediately hit a hit in his first at-bat in the bottom of the first inning, completed a multi-base run by getting one walk in the bottom of the third inning, and continued pitching without losing a point until the third and fourth innings following the second inning.

However, Otani no longer took the mound after the top of the fourth inning. The pitcher who took the mound before the top of the fifth inning was Jose Soriano. There was no problem with the pitch, and the score was 0-0, which was a tight match between the two teams.

Why was Otani suddenly replaced after digesting 59 pitches. It wasn’t a major injury, but he couldn’t spray the ball normally due to cramps in his right thumb. In other words, it was a replacement of the “protection level.”

Ohtani, who has been holding the bat since the pitcher’s change, continued his performance at bat. He achieved his 14th stolen base of the season by stealing the second base during the follow-up batter Cron’s at-bat after automatically getting on the fourth pitch in his third at-bat in the bottom of the sixth inning when his team was being dragged 0-1. On top of that, Ohtani, who was at second base, rushed home and tied the team 1-1.

On top of that, Otani hit a 96.2 miles per hour fastball after a six-ball match against Aijaea Campbell in the bottom of the eighth inning when his team was leading 2-1, drawing a solo arch over the right fence. The ball flew so fast that it reached 106.7 miles per hour about 172 kilometers.

The problem was in the top of the ninth inning. Closer Carlos Estevez gave Cade Malo a come-from-behind grand slam after causing a crisis of one out and full base with two walks and one hit, failing to keep the two-point lead. After failing to score in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Angels eventually lost 3-5 and fell into a three-game losing streak. The result of the season is 56 wins and 54 losses..509.

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