I Didn’t Know You’d Be This Nice To Me Director Lee Seung-yeop Was Also Very Moved

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop was impressed when the player’s story came out. In an interview with reporters ahead of the match against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 3rd, Lee Seung-yeop said, It plays a very important role in our team. 토토 I heard that he was sluggish last year, but I didn’t know he would be this good, he said, adding, Yay! It was about outfielder Jung Soo-bin 33.

Jung Soo-bin hit a timely right-handed hit in the 12th inning of extra time against Hanwha the day before 2nd. The final hit that led Doosan to a 4-1 victory. Subsequently, Jung Soo-bin, who succeeded in stealing second base and shook the opponent’s battery, stepped home and scored a wedge when Yang Seok-hwan hit to the left.

Jung Soo-bin, who has played the most 87 games in the team without missing two games this season, has a batting average of .271 86 hits in 317 at-bats, 24 RBIs, 41 points, 37 walks, and a .355 on-base percentage. His batting average and on-base percentage are his personal best since 2020. The number of pitches per at-bat is also the No. 1 out of 50 at-bats 4.3, which is persistently bothering pitchers.

On top of that, 22 stolen bases are the league’s second-largest record, surpassing the 20th stolen base mark in four years since 2019 26. Along with Park Hae-min LG, he boasts the highest defense range in the KBO League as a center fielder, and his contribution to defense is also high. Based on Sports to I, the fielder was 2.33, ranking second in the team after Yang Eui-ji 4.21 and 21st overall in the league.

Jung Soo-bin signed an FA contract with Doosan in December 2020 for up to 5.6 billion won for six years. Hanwha, which was seeking to reinforce the outfield in the FA market at the time, showed great interest in Jung Soo-bin, and its ransom soared. He left a disappointing performance for two years after signing the FA contract, but he is properly paying his ransom this year, which has been in his third year

He is also a big help to Lee Seung-yeop in his first year in office. Coach Lee said, In fact, I had high expectations for Jung Soo-bin. He’s so fast, he’s good at guessing, and he’s good at defending. I heard that he was a player with few injuries, so I thought it would have a good impact on the team if he hit to a certain extent, but he is a much better player than I thought.

Coach Lee then said, I’m committed to the team. He plays defense hard and runs. We have come this far because Yang Eui-ji and pitchers have done well, but Jung Soo-bin played a good role as the first batter, he said. Not only the record number, but also the coach is giving energy to the team with his unrelenting play in every game.

Director Lee’s expectations for Jung Soo-bin are high in the future. Throughout his career, Jung Soo-bin has drawn a graph in which the batting index has risen since August and peaked between September and October. Doosan’s postseason always had autumn hero Jung Soo-bin. Director Lee said, I’m looking forward to it more in the future because it’s strong in the fall. It’s August and September now, so I have to be nicer to him, he said with a smile.

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