ROTO-Québec To Pay C$1.596 bln to Quebec

LOTO-QUEBEC delivered impressive results to the Quebec government with C$2.99 billion in revenue and C$1.597 billion in dividends for 2022-2023. 릴게임 This success can be attributed to sound management, customer enthusiasm and responsible gambling initiatives, contributed to society and the environment, supported events and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Crown has outperformed its performance since the 2006 Tobacco Control Act, which affected traffic at gaming businesses, and achieved its strongest performance to date. Operational efficiency led to an astonishing 29.2% cost-to-sales ratio. Customers have enthusiastically embraced the entertainment activities of long-term pandemic restrictions, driving the success of organizations backed by dedicated teamwork.

As mentioned, this fiscal year is quite a hit for CrownIt was a difficult year, but the same was true of players who won more than C$1.5 billion in lottery games, Kinzo and network bingo. There were 107 prizes worth more than C$1 million and produced 84 new lottery millionaires. This includes a 70 million Canadian dollar lottery max win and 3 million Canadian dollars via 3 card poker in Casino Montreal.

Crown, meanwhile, has invested C$33.6 million to prevent problem gambling and maintain a healthy gaming experience by prioritizing responsible commercialization. The investment has funded campaigns promoting responsible gambling tools for players in corporate and online, employee and retailer training and research projects. By emphasizing responsible gambling initiatives, we aimed to ensure that games remain a pleasant leisure time while protecting customers.

The casino and gaming halls segment reported revenue of C$1.11 billion or C$444 million compared to the last fiscal year. Meanwhile, online casino sales rose C$4.6 million to a total of C$269.9 million. VLT, Kinzo and Network Bingo accounted for C$922.2 million in revenue, up C$362 million from the previous fiscal year.

Finally, revenue from the gaming platform, which offers lottery, casino titles and sports betting, jumped C$13 million, or 3.3%, from its 2021-22 results. The number on this website represents 13.5% of Crown Agency’s total revenue. The closure of the property in 2020 and 2021 helped the website grow because it was the only legal option for some time.

Recently, Lotto-Québec also shared plans to open a game hall next to the Bell Center in downtown Montreal and expand its land-based amenities with the goal of utilizing many sports fans. If the plan comes to fruition, the company will install game consoles, sports betting terminals and poker tables at the currently empty 1909 Taverne Modene restaurant.

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