Reddier Resort & Casino Begins Renovation

The start of the week marks the beginning of the demolition of the Red Deer Resort and Casino, which is preparing for the construction of a new state-of-the-art event center. 카지노사이트 Construction teams began demolishing the iconic Longrider Saloon and Bellinis Sonic Lounge, a process that even attracted a group of locals who came to bid farewell to the nightclub.

Both clubs will be demolished to make room for a new two-story event center to replace the current club. The old center will be transformed into the home of Jackpot Casino downtown. However, the demolition process has attracted people from two widely popular nightclubs to say goodbye ahead of their refurbishment.

On Monday, August 14, 2023, a small crowd showed up at Red Deer Resort & Casino to see how the two nightclubs were being torn down. Ivy Leonard and her friend Justin Vallesdent even brought a lawn chair to watch the demolition. Some members of the crowd worked at clubs for nearly 20 years, where they met people who still cared about their families.

The casino also released a farewell message on Facebook saying that the two iconic locations were quite successful among the red deer community because they provided tremendous laughter, memories, and connections. The facility thanked them for making the two sites very special, saying that the passion and dedication of its former employees will always be remembered.

As mentioned, the casino’s existing event center will be replaced by the downtown jackpot casino. The previously relocated casino is said to span more than 33,000 square feet of land and to have approximately 550 gaming and bar and lounge seating. Sponsors can also enjoy slots and VLTs, as well as a number of live game tables.

In addition, the relocated gaming amenities will include VIP-only spaces, poker rooms designed for highland enthusiasts, and commercial kitchens. The new casino will feature a GameSense Info Center and an interactive kiosk to help customers learn the rules of the game and make informed gambling decisions.

However, it should be pointed out that the expansion of the Red Deer Resort & Casino was rarely made, as the Urban Planning Commission voted down the construction of a new event center in March. Members of the committee voted 4-2 against it, citing the lack of parking on the premises.

However, casino resort owner O’Chiese Hospitality Inc. was not satisfied with the vote and decided to challenge it, and on April 24, 2023, the Red Deer Subcommittee reviewed the request to reverse the MPC’s decision to block the renovation plan, and the current plan is already underway and the demolition is underway as planned.

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