Ranked 8th in a heartbeat! Choclue, the ‘fighter’ who finished the regular league, said, “Dream comes true.”

On the 3rd, in the final of the “Crown Haitai PBA Championship”, the ninth tour of the season and the final tour of the regular league, at KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang, Cho Clu defeated Nguyen 4-2 in set score to become the main player of the final trophy of the regular league. From the PBA semifinals to the final, it will be held in the best-of-seven series.

On this day, Chouklu lost the first and second sets to Nguyen and caught the eye by performing a powerful reversal drama in which he drove 3, 4, 5, and 6 sets in succession.

Choclue, who announced his PBA conversion ahead of the 23-24 season, won his first professional final and further championship in eight months and 24 days (264 days) after his debut.

Just before, Hana Card won the final championship of the championship game in the 23-24 season and won the two-time championship title. If Cho Clu wins the SK Rent-a-Car World Championship, which is the season’s “King of Kings,” he will achieve his first grand slam dream in his debut season.

Due to his family’s difficult situation in the past, Cho Clue worked hard and even drove a taxi and a bus to develop his dream of becoming a billiard player. When he was playing for UMB, he ranked fifth in the world, and he announced his plan to become a PBA player ahead of this season, attracting the attention of billiard fans.

And from the first season when I came to Korea, I achieved my dream of winning two PBA titles.

When he visited the interview room after the game, Cho looked calm. When asked how he felt about winning the championship, Cho said, “I knew that I had to go to the semifinals to win the World Championship. So I was very happy when I confirmed my advance to the semifinals after the game yesterday, and I am happy that I can win all the remaining games.”

In the previous semifinal, Cho Clu became the only Korean player to reach the semifinals after blood clots with Hwang Hyung-beom.

His performance this season was not that good. His previous best performance was the round of 16 best teams held in the third round of this season’s tour (Hana Card Championship). In most matches, he suffered from poor performance until he was eliminated from the round of 128, and his prize money ranking hovered around 68th (5 million won).

However, his team’s victory in the league gave him extraordinary confidence. Cho also won the Champion MVP award, showing off his presence. Notably, he showed perfect teamwork in doubles with Ayako Sakai of Japan.

“Of course, the victory in the team league also affected the championship,” Cho said. “Personally, I gained a lot of confidence as I won the final MVP award. In fact, I had a hard time adjusting to PBA until the postseason of the team league. However, through the team league, I fully adapted to the PBA, and gained good results as I trusted myself more.”

In particular, he had a “house fight” or “Hana Card Derby” with Nguyen, whom he met in the final on the day. He displayed strong teamwork to win the team’s championship, and on this day, he met as an enemy at the same table.

Choclu, whose performance had been poor until just before, had virtually abandoned his expectations of advancing to the World Championship. He made up his mind to Nguyen, a team, saying, “I’ll see you in the final next tournament.” Surprisingly, the reality came out much earlier than expected.

After the semifinals of the tournament, Choclu shared a message of support with Nguyen saying, “Dreams come true” and encouraging each other to play well.

When asked about the reason for his transition to PBA, he honestly said, “At the time of UMBA, I was disappointed with the group in recent years and felt like I was amateurish.” “In the meantime, I thought I had a good environment after encountering the PBA. It’s a conservative story, but I also considered some big prize money. I have two close friends in Korea, and I made up my mind by persuading them that they would fit me well if I came to PBA.”

Adapting was not easy, of course, as the environment was very different. Cho-Clue, who had been wrapping up his goal due to elimination from the preliminary round until just before, sought help here and there with straws. In particular, he came across as a “fourth king” but shared his feelings of sympathy with Daniel Sanchez (Spain, SY), who did not produce a clear performance in the end this season.

Sánchez failed to achieve above the round of 128 or 64 in most of the competitions this season. His best record is the round of 32 in the 3rd and 5th tours (Huons Championship).

“Actually, I was disappointed in myself during the first few tournaments, and I have some bad memories,” Cho said. “I also talked with Sanchez, who had the same experience, and I talked a lot about tables and balls that were different from the UMB days. I also talked to Cho Jae-ho (NH Nonghyup Card).”

Cho advised Cho that “it takes one year for almost all players to adjust to the PBA.” Of course, there are exceptions. Such cases are similar to those of “Mr. Magic” Semi-Signer (Turkiye, Huons), who made an unexpected decision to lift the trophy immediately after his debut match (23-24 Blue One Resort Championship). However, most of them take at least one year, or as long as two to three years, to break the record.

Commenting on this, Choclue continued with his unique calm tension, saying, “Still, I’m very satisfied because I won the trophy within a year.”

He was the first to mention Hana Card team members about the driving force behind the victory on the day.

At the time of winning the team league final, Hana Card said it had built a fierce teamwork by staying together for 25 days. This close friendship between team members has become a pillar of support for Cho Klu’s mentality.

“My teammates at Hana Card are the biggest driving force behind the championship,” Cho-Clue said. “They always cheer me on and give me advice during individual practice. My colleagues asked me to go to the World Championship together, which was the biggest motivation. After this season, we all decided to go on vacation together. There is a tour for me, but I was able to perform well because I played for my teammates who are playing together.”

Of course, I didn’t forget my appreciation and affection for my wife watching her husband’s game with her hands together in the stands until late at night.

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