Jeju Dream Tower Q2 Casino GGR 17pct Q-o-q Down

A publicist for the resort’s Dream Tower Casino Resort in the capital of South Korea’s resort island of Jeju said on Friday that the resort’s second-quarter gaming sales reached 12.2 billion won, after deducting rebates and fees, down slightly from 12.3 billion won in the first quarter.

Lotte Tourism Development added that the casino’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) for the second quarter was about 15.3 billion won, down about 17.3% from 18.5 billion won in the previous quarter.

In April, the GGR made a profit of 3.6 billion won, 4.8 billion won in May, and about 6.9 billion won in June.

Mass table sales in the second quarter reached nearly KRW 7.9 billion, up 92.7% from KRW 4.1 billion in the previous quarter.

The tally of casino visits during the period was 19,704, up 37.7% from 14,305 in the previous quarter.

During this period, sales in the VIP sector were KRW 7.3 billion, down 49.3% from the previous quarter (14.4 billion won).

During this period, the volume of VIP rolling chips reached 121.1 billion won, down 62.0% from 318.8 billion won in the previous quarter.

Overall, Lotte Tourism Development recorded an operating loss of 28.9 billion won in the second quarter and a loss of 8.9 billion won before interest, taxation, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) of 8.9 billion won, compared to 27.2 billion won in operating loss and 7.3 billion won in EBITDA in the first quarter, respectively.

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