Increase your odds with foreigner-only casino events

This is because with the opening of a new casino early this month, it has become important to dominate the market.
Paradise (034230), which recorded the highest performance last year, is planning to solidify its position through VIP events, sports marketing, and hotel vacations.

Paradise’s consolidated sales last year were KRW 994.2 billion, up 69.2% from the previous year.
Operating profit increased 1,300% to 145.8 billion won.

This is a growth of 2% and 181%, respectively, compared to before COVID-19.
Paradise said, “We will hold the VIP Dinner Show, which was suspended due to COVID-19, every quarter and link it with special sporting events.

He emphasized, “We will realize a ‘super gap’ with latecomers through strategic marketing, such as launching a package exclusively for the Greater China region with, China’s largest travel agency.”

Marketing through Grand Korea Leisure Entertainment

Grand Korea Leisure (GKL), which operates Seven Luck, has a strategy to maximize VIP visits by utilizing international competitions and Korean Wave events held in Korea.
A GKL official said, “We will actively utilize major league opening games, music festivals, and Korean Wave concerts,” and added, “This year’s marketing direction is focused on preventing the loss of existing customers and strengthening the creation of new customers.”

Lotte Tourism Development, which operates Jeju Dream Tower, is expecting a rebound in performance due to the K-content craze.
An official from Lotte Tourism Development said, “K-contents set in Jeju, such as ‘Solo Hell 3’ and ‘Welcome to Samdali’, are gaining great popularity in overseas regions with direct flights to Jeju,” and added, “In the first half of the year, like 2016, 200 weeks “We expect that the era of direct overseas flights to Jeju Island will begin,” he said.

Previously, Jeju Dream Tower Casino recorded its highest performance ever in January.
Net sales were 23.85 billion won, an 18.7% increase compared to July of last year, the previous record.

Meanwhile, Inspire, which opens on the 3rd of 2024, is expected to ignite competition among foreign 토토사이트 casinos.
In line with the official opening on the 5th of next month, major events such as △Maroon 5 Concert in Korea (March 8-9), 2024 Inspire Salute (March 2), and WTT Champions (March 27-31) will be held in succession.

An Inspire official said, “The casino strategy will be in the direction of providing a variety of ‘non-casino’ entertainment as a large-scale integrated resort.”
“It will be marketed as one form of entertainment, like a hotel, arena, water park, etc.,” he said.

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