It Has Achieved Results in LG Regular League No. 1 in Eye, Development, And Investment

With 82 wins, two draws and 51 losses this year, LG confirmed its top spot in the regular league regardless of the results of the remaining games. It won its third regular league championship in 1990 and 1994 excluding both leagues. 토토 LG is also trying to win the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years.

LG has been steadily advancing to the postseason since 2019 and aiming to win the Korean Series. He was ranked at the top every year due to his well-organized batting lineup and pitching power.

LG’s strength was in the player development system. Young players were discovered and intensively nurtured, and the players’ skills were in full bloom. They maximized the power of individuals and teams through internal competition.

He steadily raised young players such as Hong Chang-ki, Moon Bo-kyung, and Moon Sung-joo to succeed Kim Hyun-soo in the lineup, and recruited Park Hae-min last year to strengthen offense and defense. LG invested a total of 6 billion won in four years to recruit Park Hae-min.

Starting with Jung Woo-young, who has led LG’s must-win group since 2019, Kim Jin-sung, Yoo Young-chan, and Park Myung-geun, who were recruited last year, led LG’s regular league No. 1.

Jung Woo-young and closer Ko Woo-suk are showing off their ups and downs this year, but they are players who will be key players in the Korean Series. When Kim Yun-sik and Lee Min-ho left the starting lineup for a long time, LG used Kang Sue to recruit Choi Won-tae through a trade with Kiwoom Heroes.

LG lost fielder Lee Ju-hyung, pitcher Kim Dong-kyu and the first round pick of the 2024 Rookie Draft to Kiwoom when Choi Won-tae was hired. Judging that this year was the right time to win, he took a strong drive once again.

LG stands out as the strongest team with the combination of eye, cultivation, and investment in players. In November last year, he created a central point by recruiting manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, who is called the Jegalyang in the baseball world. The best players and the strategy of the head coach combined to create synergy.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop also expressed his ambition, saying, I want to become a manager who can repay LG with more aggressive and strategic baseball results and win.

Manager Yeom focused on strengthening the pitching staff, and built a more structured lineup with Hong Chang-ki, Moon Bo-kyung, and Austin. After rising to No. 1 on June 27, LG ended the season in No. 1 without ever coming down from the lead.

Attention is focusing on whether the winner and luxury watch, which have been silenced since winning in 1994, can be unsealed this time. Koo Bon-moo, the late chairman of LG Group, prepared gifts to motivate the team.

The winning week was a sign of promise to drink with the players after winning the Korean Series, and a luxury watch is a gift given to the MVP of the Korean Series. At that time, it was known to be an expensive product worth 80 million won.

LG players, who had hits in 2021, also showed a watch ceremony performance on the tearoom. That’s how much I was desperate to win. No one would have expected to be at the top for a long time.

LG, which is full of confidence with its outstanding skills, is now preparing for its final showdown to relieve its resentment in 29 years.

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