Because of you, The Miracle of The Gold Medal Naturalized Player And Piyak

My younger brother’s words, My sister led me well, touched my heart. Even on the podium where the Taegeukgi was flying, the tears that I endured even when the gold medal was hung were formed. 토토 Jeon Ji-hee 31, Mirae Asset Securities, who wiped her eyes slightly, smiled at her 12-year-old doubles partner Shin Yu-bin Korean Air, saying, I am blessed.

Shin Yu-bin and Jeon Ji-hee, ranked No. 1 in the women’s doubles of the International Table Tennis Federation, won the gold medal 4-1 11-6 11-4 10-12 12-10 11-3 against Cha Soo-young and Park Soo-kyung of North Korea in the women’s doubles final of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at Hangzhou Gungshu Canal Sports Park Gymnasium in China on the 2nd.

It is the first time in 21 years that Korean table tennis won the Asian Games gold medal since it won the men’s and women’s doubles at the 2002 Busan Games. The women’s doubles was an event that Lee Eun-sil and Seok Eun-mi did not even make it to the podium once after winning the Busan Games. In an event that could not be expected to win a gold medal, he laughed in his first inter-Korean final match since the men’s team event at the 1990 Beijing Games.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which left the regret of the no medal, presented the gold medal for the first time in three years. This is because it was a stage that confirmed the possibility of Shin Yu-bin’s right hand and Jeon Ji-hee’s left hand in the doubles.

The two players won gold medals in the women’s doubles at the 2021 Asian Championships in Doha, and won silver medals in women’s doubles at the Durban World Championships this year. There was also a brief ordeal. Shin Yu-bin was unable to participate in the national team selection match for the Hangzhou Asian Games because he was on the operating table twice due to a wrist injury. Shin Yu-bin, who dramatically regained the Taegeuk mark after the tournament was postponed for a year due to COVID-19, said, I was originally a player who almost couldn’t even participate in this tournament.

Jeon Ji-hee, who became a naturalized player in China in 2011, has been suffering from chronic knee injury and elbow pain since last year, and rumors have spread that her doubles will be disbanded. Jeon Ji-hee said, It was a moment when I thought I would give up everything, adding, A lot happened between Shin Yu-bin and the two, but it’s a secret. It’s an affection that’s hard to express in language, he laughed.

Jeon Ji-hee gave up playing in the singles of the tournament and focused only on doubles. Jeon Ji-hee said, You gave me the opportunity to live my table tennis life again in Korea, and I’m happy to repay you at the tournament that came out thinking it was the last Asian Games.

I was lucky to prepare for the doubles with one mind. An extraordinary event occurred in which all Chinese players, who had been a strong wall, were eliminated from the quarterfinals of women’s doubles.

In fact, the challenge of winning the gold medal was the semifinals against Japan’s Miwa Harimoto and Miyu Kihara, and Oh Kwang-hun, head coach of the women’s table tennis team, was Japanese Tong. Oh is a person who built her leadership career in Japan after moving to Japan in 1995 and served as a coach and junior national team coach for the Japanese women’s national team from 2009 to 2016. Coach Oh, who knows Japan better than anyone else, was right when he ordered slow table tennis, upside down, judging that Japanese players’ fast-tempo table tennis was their strength. If Shin Yu-bin holds on well, Jeon Ji-hee will win with a pattern of finishing. Shin Yu-bin said, “Isn’t it reliable just to see our director?

The inter-Korean confrontation, which was an unknown opponent, smiled blandly as the opponent collapsed on his own. Jeon Ji-hee said, North Korean players don’t come out of big competitions for a long time, so they keep making mistakes like serving in the first and fifth sets.

Each other’s precious gold partners now look at Paris. There are no doubles at next year’s Paris Olympics, but it can be a card that will be responsible for one important win in the team event. Of course, you have to qualify for the Olympics before that. Jeon Ji-hee said, I want to go out with Yu-bin one more time and win a medal, and Shin Yu-bin responded, I want to show different results from the Tokyo Olympics with my sister.

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