Huons, Choi Sung-won are the only super-strong farmers in one season

The only new face left in Huons is Choi Sung-won.

The PBA will hold a draft pick event for the PBA Team League at the Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on Wednesday. As a result, the PBA announced the list of protected and released players for the PBA Team League on Tuesday.

First of all, Hana Card, the defending champion of the previous season, named all the winning players as protective players. Murat Najee Choklu (Turkiye), Nguyen Quoc Nguyen (Vietnam), captain Kim Byung-ho, Shin Jung-ju, Ayako Sakai (Japan), Kim Ga-young and Kim Jin-ah are all on the list. Notably, they are the names of Philippos Casido Costas, a left-handed genius who returned after just 22-23 seasons.

Although he did not play in the PBA during the 23-24 season, he was listed as a released player because Hana Card, his club, has the right to name him first. Considering his past traits, chances are high that other teams that seek to reinforce foreign players will name him.

SK Rent-a-Car also included Eddie Reffens (Belgium), Nguyen Nai (Vietnam), Hida Aurier (Japan), captain Kang Dong-gung, Kang Ji-eun, and Cha Ki-hwi as all protection players.

For NH Nonghyup Card, Oh Sung-wook, who slipped on the first part of the tour, was inevitably released, and all others were on the protected list. Crown Haitai was also designated as a protected player except for Kim Tae-kwan, Kim Haeng-jik’s younger brother, who was eliminated from the first part of the tour.

Along with Hwang Deuk-hee, Park In-soo, and Han Ji-eun, SY has named Sanchez (Spain), the “four great kings” who survived as a continental seed, as a protection player. With Lufy Chenette (Turkiye), Lee Mi-rae, Yong Hyun-ji, and Lim Sung-kyun tied, High1 Resort gave Lee another chance after failing to pass the entire round of 128 and falling to the Q School before returning to the first part of the tour. However, two Vietnamese players, Nguyen De Aincien and Nguyen Phu Cong Lin, were released.

Among them, Huons and Welcome Savings Bank have been released in large numbers.

In particular, Huons will make another major change in a season after building up its rebuilding power.

In the 22-23 season, Huons ended his team league in disgraceful last place. In addition, he completely replaced all Korean team members except for foreign player Palazon (Spain), Kim Bong-cheol and Kim Se-yeon, and completely changed the team’s capacity once. By releasing Choi Hye-mi and Oh Sung-wook, he added Semi-Signer, Jang Ga-yeon, Jeon A-rin and Choi Sung-won to form a completely new team. Unfortunately, he was considered as the candidate for the title at once, but ended up at the bottom again in the 23-24 season, with 16 wins and 24 losses in 40 games and 42 points.

And this time, even Kim could not survive. Kim had remained a member since the beginning of the Huons’ founding, but was released after four seasons. All female members were released after Kim Se-yeon. Jeon joined the Huons immediately after being released by NH Nonghyup Card ahead of the 22-23 season, but she failed to avoid the blade of release that flew back in one season. Jang joined the team one step later after starting the 23-24 season, but was also subject to rebuilding.

Among them, it is quite surprising that Signer has been on the list of players to be released. In the 23-24 regular season, Signer played in 34 singles matches, recording 14 wins and 20 losses, and in doubles, he played in eight matches, recording 13 losses. He is ranked 37th overall and 21st in the PBA department. It may not sound superior, but the performance is sufficient for a mid-range player. However, considering his popularity and popularity, Hueons’ decision is close to superpowering.

At Welcome Savings Bank, Natsumi Higashiuchi (Japan), who had a somewhat weak presence, including Birol Wimazu (Turkiye), who left the PBA altogether, was on the release list in one season.

Here, Cha Yu-ram’s name stands out. Cha Yu-ram left the PBA by entering politics starting in 2022 and announced his return to active duty in January, a year and 10 months later. Welcome Savings Bank had the right to nominate first, but the club gave up and was on the release list. It is the same situation as Hana Card’s Casidocostas. There is a good chance that a female player or a team that needs to supplement the topic will be nominated.

One of the teams with high attention is the new Woori Financial Capital.

Woori Financial Capital took over all of its players as it entered the venue where its existing team Blue One Resort was disbanded due to poor management. For this reason, attention was focused on the composition of new power, except for key players such as Sron Piavi (Cambodia), David Zapata (Spain), and Kang Min-gu, but all of them were named protective players.

The order of draft picks will be in reverse order of performance in the 24-25 season. Huons can exercise the first pick over the first to fourth rounds. High1 Resort received the second pick over the third and fourth rounds. Welcome Savings Bank will exercise the second pick in the first and second rounds and the third pick in the third and fourth rounds.

SY will then have the third pick in the second round and the fourth pick in the third and fourth rounds, and Crown Haitai can nominate the fifth pick in the third and fourth rounds. NH Nonghyup Card will have the sixth pick in the fourth round and SK Rent-A-Car will have the seventh pick in the fourth round.

The minimum number of registered players for a team is seven, and the maximum number of registered players is eight. At least four male players and at least two female players are required to be registered. In addition, at least two foreign players must be registered, but not more than 50% of the team’s players must be registered.

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