From Cuevas to Brandon…A baseball foreigner or a ball officer?

From Cuevas to Brandon…A baseball foreigner or a ball officer?

Professional baseball clubs, which have been suffering a series of releases due to sluggish foreign players since the beginning of the season, are bringing back players they have been with in the past.

Following KT’s re-introduction of Cuevas, Doosan joined hands with Brandon again in eight months.
It was Cuevas who chose to fill the vacancy of foreign pitcher Schleser released by KT, which has been in the bottom ranks since the beginning of this season.

Cuevas, who made a decisive contribution to his first unified victory two years ago, returned after playing in the Mexican League and the minor leagues in the U.S. professional baseball after being kicked out last year due to an elbow injury.

Cuevas, who started personal training a day after entering the country, is expected to take the mound as early as this weekend when the home game will be held.

Doosan, which released foreign pitcher Dylan, also reached out to Brandon, who played as a substitute last year, after eight months.

Brandon, who has already proven his skills by working with a club that has failed to hire new players, was the best realistic option.

Brandon plans to take the mound as early as next week after entering the country on the 16th.

Five foreign players have already been released this season due to injuries and sluggishness.

Two out of four people who have decided to replace them are re-entry cases.

This season, Doosan’s Alcantara, Lotte Straily, and Kiwoom Russell all left Korea and were re-entered to the original club for the first time in a year or two.

In particular, the domestic league experience is considered a plus factor in that substitute players who have to be put in immediately during the season should have a shorter adaptation period.

It remains to be seen whether the re-entry card will lead to a rebound in performance.

Meanwhile, Hanwha, which sent out two foreigners within two months of its opening, is still looking for a replacement for Ogrady, the batter who was released late last month, but it is said that it does not consider re-recruitment.

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