First Nation Claims Its Operations Are Threatened By Casino Operators

Scugog Island First Nation Mississippi shares concerns over Great Blue Heron casino operator attempting to go out of business. The company, Great Canadian Entertainment, recently announced a partnership with Live Nation Canada that will allow it to promote the new Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto and more.

Recent shortages have expressed concern that the new partnership poses a threat to cannibalize Great Blue Heron Casino’s business, which will negatively impact MSIFN’s ability to provide services to member states. The Nation also claimed that it was not included in the decision-making process and that it had been briefed on the agreement just before the announcement.

In a statement, the tribe noted that the new partnership is another decision without consideration and consideration for Indigenous partners and host communities. It also reminded that casinos rely heavily on funds they own to provide basic services to residents, and that some contain safe and clean drinking water.

In a statement, MSIFN President Kelly Laroka highlighted the detrimental impact on First Nations, expressing the serious aggression and impact of the recent decision. The decision to cannibalize Great Blue Heron and the lack of warnings or consultations issued immediately after the email notification added to the seriousness of the situation.

The tribe has been angered by the province’s repeated unconscionable actions that violate existing agreements, and it uses casino revenue to serve its members. It was established years ago through numerous contracts with state and Ontario lottery and gaming companies.

Mr LaRocca also noted that the state government has signed an agreement with the tribes to prevent this very thing from happening. She argued that the state government should carry out the work of casinos in this way, which is totally unconscionable. The chief added that it was a violation of the state’s agreement with local governments and the principle of reconciliation.

This week, Mr. LaRocca commented on another local issue, one of the extremes of betting advertising during sporting events. She denounced these betting ads as intrusive and irresponsible. The tribe sent an open letter to Wayne Gretzky, Conor McDavid and Austin Matthews, who have been promoting betting products, asking them to stop appearing in such ads.

In 2022, MSIFN also expressed disappointment to local governments over the launch of Pickering Casino Resort, which is close to tribal gaming venues. Nation claimed the province failed to consult with tribes that violated the agreement on a limited number of gaming facilities in Durham.

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