Even Without Kane, I Laugh Because of Son Heungmin

Tottenham Hotspur senior expressed deep affection for captain Son Heung-min. Spurs Web, which deals with Tottenham’s news, said on the 10th, Son Heung-min shook the opponent’s net six times this season. 토토 Darren Bent claims Harry Kane’s move benefited him.

Tottenham lost Kane last summer. He left Tottenham, where he had been for more than 10 years, and moved to Munich, the German champion. Tottenham reportedly collected nearly 120 million pounds approximately 17.7 billion won from Kane’s transfer fee.

Naturally, concerns poured in. Kane’s presence at Tottenham was absolute. He is the legend who has scored the most goals in Tottenham’s history, scoring 280 goals in 435 games since joining the Tottenham youth team at the age of 11. Kane scored 30 goals alone in the league last season, so the vacancy is inevitable.

In addition, Tottenham failed to recruit a new striker. Despite bringing in Manor Solomon and Brennan Johnson, both players are flankers. Alejo Bellis, who was born in 2003, joined the team, but it is too much to be seen as an immediate sense of power.

Above all, Hishal Song failed to shake off the slump. Manager Angie Postecoglou gave him the No. 9 role at the beginning of the season, but Hishalisson drew fans’ complaints for his inaccurate finish and lack of connectivity. It helped in the forward pressure and height fight, but that was it.

But there was Son Heung-min in Tottenham. He started playing as a front-line one-top in place of Hishalisson from last month’s match against Burnley, and showed off his hot scoring ability. Son Heung-min has scored six goals, ranking second in the Premier League scoring rankings after Erling Holan eight goals.

Son Heung-min had his best month last September. Starting with a hat-trick against Burnley, he scored as many as six goals in four PL games, including multiple goals against Arsenal and a goal against Liverpool. No player has scored more goals than him in the past month.

Son Heung-min, who is now completely one-top, is likely to win the PL official Player of the Month award in September. He was shortlisted along with Julian Alvarez (Man City, Jarrod Bowen West Ham, Ollie Watkins Aston Villa, Pedro Netu Wolverhampton, Salah and Trippier. If he succeeds in winning the final award, it will be his fourth career award in three years since October 2020.

Tottenham are also on a roll. Tottenham beat Luton Town 1-0 despite Yves Bissouma’s exit on the 7th and went on an eight-game unbeaten streak. They are also leading the league with 20 points six wins and two draws.

The first contributor is Son Heung-min. Bent, Tottenham senior and owner of 106 goals in the PL, also praised Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min was fantastic, he said on Premier League Productions. With Kane gone, he’s almost a blessing, he said.

Son Heung-min started a little slow on the left side, Bent said. However, he never looked back after moving to central striker starting with Burnley. He is a really smart soccer player, he said. I always wait a little bit and make space when I try to get into a coma in front of the goal gate. He finds space in the box, and he presents a really, really great finish that we know, he exclaimed.

He also mentioned Son Heung-min’s most lethal weapon, the ability to use both feet. Bent said, One of the great advantages of Son Heung-min is that he can finish with both feet. No one can catch him when he has a good form, he said. Son Heung-min moved to the center when Kane left, and he said, You know what? I can score a goal,’ he seemed to say. I’ve been really good this season, he stressed.

Finally, Bent said, Everybody’s like, What are you going to do without Kane? I thought Tottenham would probably end up in the bottom 10th place. But Son Heung-min said, No, I can carry this club forward.’ And I’m actually doing that, he added.

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