Pointbet Plans To Make Curling More Attractive In Ontario

Most recently, PointsBet Canada, one of the first operators to launch in Ontario’s iGaming market, shared plans to make curling more commercial. 슬롯머신 In a recent interview, the company’s chief commercial officer, Nic Sulky, admitted that while the sport is already quite popular nationwide, the company wants to make it even more attractive to fans.

Ontario’s online sports betting market for iGaming and private operators began on April 4, 2022. In preparation for the launch of a new regime, pointbet Canada last fall signed a partnership with curling Canada to become the league’s official sports betting partner. And now the operator wants to make the sport even more popular.

Ms. Sulky said the betting company wants to make curling cool, even though it is already quite popular among Canadians. He believes the sport is ready to move on and is confident that PointsBet Canada has the foundation to move on. CCO informed that the company and Curling Canada are already preparing a fan engagement event for next season.

According to Mike Narine, in a much more vibrant environment, the opportunity to bet live on teams, scores, and proposals can help curling attract young demographers. Narine, an assistant professor at Brock University’s Department of Sports Management, says gambling is one of the ways to attract young audiences, but it will be done slowly.

Matt Dunstone, who will lead the new Manitovan team next season, thinks curling is perfect for prop betting. According to him, it is good for both fans and sports because it provides more participation, which is the goal. He also said there are basically no limits on curling and live betting because some fans want to have more options.

Last season, he played with Koe and point bat ambassador Ben Hebert said the introduction of betting could help build on fans’ enthusiasm and energy. The expert has shown the popularity of the sport, but he still believes that including gambling in games can attract young spectators.

The company’s app has accumulated 5% to 8% of all downloads since launch, already exceeding expectations, according to a Morgan Stanley survey this week, which means the company’s strategy is successful, Mr. Sulsky said.

However, despite previous regional success, PointsBet Canada has been approved by the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission. The company violated local standard 2.05 for Internet gaming, according to claims. The company said it has posted posters on GO stations and GO trains that encourage them to play for free, which it says is prohibited.

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