Choi Byung-hwa is facing a never-ending challenge

Choi Byung-hwa is facing a never-ending challenge of diving off the Yanghwa Bridge

From the 18-meter-high diving platform of the Yanghwa Bridge on the Han River, Choi Byung-hwa plunges headlong into the water.

It’s a dizzying height, but he took the time to dance and perform acrobatics, including two laps, to showcase all of his training.

After completing a total of three leaps in the rainy weather, Choi Byung-hwa rejoiced on the Han River.

[Choi Byung-hwa/High Dive Athlete: “It was a moment that I had been dreaming about in my head for a very long time, and it happened in reality. I feel very happy and honored.”]

Choi Byung-hwa, who trained abroad at his own expense in the backwoods of South Korea, became the first South Korean athlete to compete at the World Championships in July.

While he’s still not quite ready to compete with the best in the world, he’s pioneering the sport in South Korea.

[Choi Byung-hwa/High Dive Athlete: “I don’t know if I can perform at the highest level in the world, but my role is to let people know that there is a sport called high dive…”]

Choi Byung-hwa, who is also the grandson of the late Choi Yun-chil, Korea’s first Asian Games gold medalist in 1954, also sent a message of support to athletes ahead of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

[Choi Byung-hwa/High Diving: “To all the members of the Korean National Team who are preparing for and competing in the Hangzhou Asian Games, I wish you all the best!”]

Against all odds and in a never-ending battle with herself, 먹튀검증 Choi Byung-hwa is writing a new chapter in Korean diving history.

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