Centerback transformation successful Lee Kihyuk Gangwon

Lee Ki-hyuk (24), a defender of the Gangwon FC, has changed his position to the central defender this season. He played in all six games that Gangwon has played. Lee’s main position is the central midfielder. With accurate kick ability, Lee once joined the national soccer team under Paulo Bento. He once played as a side defender when he was playing for Jeju United, but he moved to Gangwon and successfully settled down as a central defender.

Lee Ki-hyuk, who shyly said, “I think I’m getting used to it gradually,” said, “After (Kim) Young-bin’s brother was injured, the coach and the coaching staff asked him to stand as left-footed centerback. I stood there and thought it would be a good opportunity if I only cared about the defense.”

Notably, this season’s Gangwon team is based on its rear build-up. Lee, who is left-footed, has been making considerable contributions to Gangwon’s rear build-up. “The team is based on its build-up. I am a central defender, but I receive a lot of balls, and I am serving as a starting point for my build-up, so I think I am having fun without any pressure. I never thought I would play like this (as a central defender).”

It’s not easy. Lee has to deal with foreign strikers in the K League 1. “Foreign strikers who play in the K League are tall and bulky. I think it’s difficult to block a ball in the air in a cross situation. The position is a little difficult. I’m learning and getting some fun from it every time,” Lee said.

If Kim Young-bin returns, Lee Ki-hyuk’s position could change once again. “I haven’t talked about anything yet,” Lee said with a smile, “It’s fun that the defensive position blocks one goal. I think I just need to do well because I’m enjoying it. I think I’m getting more attentive to the game and I’m trying to take my time.”

“We aim to play in more than 30 matches,” Lee said. “Our team has displayed good performances, and we are confident in our squad. We regret some things, but we are showing good soccer performance. Our goal is to be included in the Final A (six) and furthermore, to win tickets to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League.”

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