Yang Hee-young Wins Without Sponsors

Yang Hee-young is a veteran who boasts five wins in the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour. 토토 However, there was no sponsor common in the hats of Yang Hee-young, who competed in the CME Group Championship. The last Honda LPGA Thailand victory in February 2019. In addition, he failed to find a sponsor due to injuries.

I even thought about retiring. However, Yang Hee-young participated in the CME Group Championship with a smile mark engraved on her hat. He tied for the lead in the third round, beat Nasa Hataoka of Japan in the last four rounds, and won the title in 1729 days.

Yang Hee-young won the final 27-under at the CME Group Championship, the final round of the LPGA Tour season, held at Tiburon Golf Club Gold Course par 72, yard in Naples, Florida on the 20th.

The CME Group Championship is a competition in which only the top 60 CME points participate. The prize money is 2 million dollars, the largest on the LPGA tour. It is the third Korean player to win after Kim Se-young in 2019 and Ko Jin-young in 2020 and 2021.

Tied for the lead until the third round. Yang Hee-young had a hard time getting rid of the tension and pressure. After winning the last championship, he had several chances to win, but it was because of his experience of collapsing at the end. Recently, the Annika dribble by Gainbridge at Pelicans also collapsed in the final round after tying for second until the third round.

Yang Hee-young said, My recent performance was good and I played in the last group several times, but I was honestly very nervous because I didn’t win every time. I wondered if I could do it, but I’m so happy to win the championship, he said. Honestly, it was too much pressure. I’ve fallen in front of the winning gate so many times in the last few years that I didn’t know what to do with this pressure. I woke up and talked to my mental teacher and family. I just thought we should play as it goes, he said with a smile.

I didn’t get off to a good start. He made a bogey on the third hole par 4. But it didn’t fall apart. He took the lead alone with an eagle on the 13th hole par 4. Since then, she has won the 17th hole par 5 and the 18th hole par 3 in a row to complete the three-shot victory.

Yang Hee-young said, When I saw it, I doubted it for a moment. There was a sound of mind saying, “Like this today, too, but he did not give in and urged himself to be okay. I thought we should continue to create opportunities and do it step by step, he said. Technology is also technology, but I want to pick mentality. I think it was a very pressure situation, but if I couldn’t comfort and comfort him, I could have collapsed at that moment, he said.

The 17th hole eagle situation is so much fun. When I see such a shot, I think I did a great job. However, I wasn’t too happy because the score difference was close, and I thought I should play calmly, he added. Yang Hee-young suffered from an elbow injury last year. It was tennis Elbow. That’s why I even thought about retiring. Yang Hee-young said, Especially when I had an injury last year, I thought I would retire soon. It’s more meaningful because it’s a win after that, he stressed.

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