Worst Since Coming to PSG! I Missed Too Many Passes

PSG tied Newcastle Yuna 1-1 in the fifth Group F match of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League at Parc des Princes in Paris, France, at 5 a.m. on the 29th. 토토 PSG was ranked second with seven points while barely losing. Dortmund, which beat AC Milan, ranked first in the group, followed by PSG in second place, Newcastle in third place, and AC Milan in fourth place.

Lee Kang-in started. France’s RMC Sports and others said Lee Kang-in will start on the bench and Vitinha will start. Soccer statistics media Huscoord and others made the same opinion. Contrary to expectations, Lee Kang-in was listed on the starting list.

Asked in a pre-press conference, Are Lee Kang-in and Vitinha competing? coach Luis Enrique said, Good players can play together. Two could be wingers and midfielders, one in the middle and the other in the side. One may play on the ground and the other may be on the bench. Both could start on the bench. Everything is possible, he said. He said he would leave all possibilities open and decide whether to select Lee Kang-in and Vitinha. There was no simultaneous selection.

Along with Lee Kang-in, PSG made up the starting list of Gianluigi Donnarumma, Luca Hernandez, Danilu Pereira, Milan Shkriniar, Ashraf Hakimi, Manuel Ugarte, Fabian Lewis, Kylian Mbappe, Randal Kolo Muani and Usman Dembele. Nordi Mukiele, Carlos Soler, Vitinha, Marco Asensio, Bradley Barcola and Gonzalo Hamus started on the bench.

Newcastle were started by Nick Pope, Kieran Trippier, Jamal Lascellus, Fabian Cher, Tino Libramento, Bruno Guimarães, Lee Miley, Joelinton, Miguel Almiron, Anthony Gordon and Alexander Isaac. Martin Dubravka, Loris Karius, Lewis Hall, Dunmeat and Parkinson start on the bench. There were so many injured players that the bench list was poor.

Lee Kang-in was centered on offense. It was located on the left side and came into the center and connected with Luis and Mbappe. There was Lee Kang-in in every attack development. Lee Kang-in scored a pass to his teammates who entered the space with a short pass. There were many opportunities, but no goals were scored.

Then Newcastle scored the first goal. The main character was Isaac. In the 24th minute of the first half, Livramento broke through PSG’s defense with an aggressive breakthrough. The pass was connected and Almiron shot, but Donnarumma succeeded. Isaac pushed the second ball that fell right in front of him, and Newcastle began to take the lead.

Dembele and Hakimi tried to find a way out through personal breakthroughs, but only the frustrating trend developed. Newcastle were basically lowering the defensive line, but when they took ownership of the ball, they quickly counterattacked and bothered PSG by putting strong forward pressure as needed. The first half ended with Newcastle leading 1-0.

The same trend continued in the second half. PSG mainly had ball ownership, but rarely created opportunities. PS made a change in the 16th minute of the second half. He built an aggressive formation by removing Ugarte and Kolomuani and adding Barcola and Vitinha.

An aggressive 3-5-2 formation was formed. Lee Kang-in moved to the right center. He moved more freely than when he was on the left and was involved in attack situations. Luca, Pereira, and Shkriniar came out as three back, while Barcola and Hakimi were at left and right wingbacks. Lee Kang-in, Luis, and Vitinha made up the midfield, while Mbappe and Dembele were in front.

Despite the change, PSG failed to score a goal. Barcola seized a series of good opportunities, but he couldn’t save it, causing regret. In the 37th minute of the second half, Luis Enrique left out Lee Kang-in and put in Asensio, who recovered from his injury. In the 39th minute of the second half, Pereira was removed and Harmus was added. It was virtually the last offensive by taking out the defender and putting in the striker. PK was declared just before the end of the second half when a Newcastle handball foul came out. The initial decision was not a foul, but the referee declared PK after a video review. Mbappe, who played as a kicker, succeeded and tied. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.

He did not lose, but overcame the worst crisis. If they had lost, they would have gone down to third place in the group and competed in the UEFA Europa League rather than the round of 16. Still, PSG is still on the verge of elimination. Looking at the current situation in Group F of the Death, Dortmund reached 10 points with AC Milan 3-1 and confirmed its advance to the round of 16. PSG, Newcastle and AC Milan are listed in order.

In the final match, PSG will face Dortmund. The game will be held at Iduna Park, where Dortmund’s home stadium will be held. Newcastle and AC Milan will face off, and it will be held at St. James’ Park and Newcastle’s home stadium. PSG can reach an advantage even if it draws in the current situation, but it has to win unconditionally because it does not know what situation will unfold. It may be fortunate to meet Dortmund, which has already confirmed its advance to the round of 16, but it should be held at Dortmund’s home and Dortmund is aiming for the top spot.

After the match, Mbappe said in an interview, I’m sorry for the result. I had a lot of chances, but I didn’t win. I want to win first place in the group to Dortmund. My mission is to score goals and help my teammates. I could have scored more tonight in a lot of chances, but I couldn’t. In a UCL-like stage, you have to score when you have a chance. There were 9 to 10 chances to score before the PK goal came out, he said, expressing his will to win the match against Dortmund and his will to improve his decision-making power at the same time.

Enrique said, I’m proud. I think I deserved to win. I made several clear chances, but I had a hard time scoring. The most important thing is to focus on ourselves. The possibility of passing the group stage is very complicated. It will be very easy if we catch Dortmund, he said, strengthening his will.

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