Woori Card Coach Shin Young-cheol, Today’s 6-Point Game

Woori Card Coach Shin Young-cheol “Today’s 6-Point Game… Song Myung-geun Starts”

Shin Young-cheol, coach of Woori Card, said ahead of the final match against Korean Air in the 6th round of the regular league that it was “a game worth 6 points.”

In fact, the match between the two teams held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 6th is considered the biggest match in the men’s regular professional volleyball league this season. 파워볼 동행복권

If first-place Korean Air (67 points, 22 wins, 11 losses) adds 3 points on this day,

it will begin the countdown to confirm first place in the regular league for the fourth consecutive season.

In the V-League, if you win with a set score of 3-0 or 3-1,

you get 3 points, and if you win with a 3-2 score, you get 2 points.

If you lose 2-3, you get 1 victory point.

This is why Coach Shin described it as a ‘6-point game’

If Korean Air beats 2nd place Woori Card (63 points, 21 wins, 11 losses) on this day with a set score of 3-0 or 3-1,

and also wins 3 points in the OK Financial Group match on the 10th,

it will confirm first place in the regular league.

If Woori Card, who has played one less game, gets 3 points on this day,

the magic number for securing first place in the regular league goes to Woori Card.

Coach Shin Young-cheol, whom we met before the game, smiled and said,

“Seeing so many reporters gathered, I suddenly feel pressured.”

He added, “Now that we have confirmed our advancement to the postseason,

today we will focus on the performance of (new foreign player) Artem Sushko (registered name Artem) as much as the result of the game.”

“It’s important to check,” he said.

The ‘card of conversion’ presented by Director Shin is Song Myung-geun.

Song Myung-geun played well with 25 points after replacing Kim Ji-han in the second set of the match against OK Financial Group on February 28.

In the KEPCO match on March 2, Song Myung-geun started as a starter for the first time in about a year and played full-time, scoring 13 points.

The bold decision to substitute Song Myung-geun for Kim Ji-han,

who played as a domestic ace throughout the regular league, worked in the last two games.

Coach Shin Young-cheol said, “Today, Song Myung-geun will take on the position of outside hitter.”

He continued, “Issei Otake (registered name Issei),

who is currently playing as our team’s Apogee Spiker, tends to have a ‘slow attack’. 카지노

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