With strikeout ability, sacrifice for the team, and multiple wins

Samsung broke up with David Buchanan, who had been in charge of the mound for four consecutive years ahead of this season.

Having replaced both foreign pitchers, Samsung initially expected Conor Seabold to take Buchanan’s place. However, when it opened the lid, Danny Reyes, who had planned to start as the second foreign pitcher, is serving as the first starter.

Reyes started the game against the NC Dinosaurs at Changwon NC Park on the 12th and led his team to a 7-2 victory by allowing five hits, one home run, 10 strikeouts and two runs in 6.2 innings. Samsung, which won 3-2 the previous day, tied for second with NC by securing two wins and one loss in the three consecutive games against NC. The gap with Kia, which ranks first, is only two games.

Samsung’s earned run average in the starting lineup is the same as its ranking in the current league. With a 3.93 ERA, it ranks third in the league after KIA (3.37) and NC (3.44). Reyes also contributes significantly.

Reyes is standing out in the league in terms of personal records. With this victory, he garnered his fifth win (two losses) of the season, ranking first in the multiple wins category. He is tied for first in this category along with his teammates Won Tae-in and Kia Tigers Will Crow and Kiwoom Enmanuel de Heyesus.

Reyes, who hails from the Dominican Republic, played in nine games (three starts) as a member of the New York Mets in the U.S. Major League last year. In the Minor League, he played 91.2 innings in 20 games (18 starts) with a total WHIP of 1.13 and BB/9 (nine walks allowed) of 1.6. Noting this record, the Samsung Lions team said, “I expect stable operation of the game.” The contract terms were a total of 800,000 dollars, including down payment of 100,000 dollars, annual salary of 500,000 dollars and option of 200,000 dollars.

Connor Seabold, another foreign pitcher, was ahead in career and ransom. Connor played 27 Major Leaguers for Colorado last year, recording 87.1 innings, one win and seven losses, an earned run average of 7.52, and a WHIP of 1.65. The terms of his contract were 1 million U.S. dollars, the maximum cap for a new foreign player.

However, Reyes was faster in adapting himself to the KBO league. Reyes had shown ups and downs up until the beginning of the season, causing concern. In the first game against KT on March 24, he made a quality start by allowing one run in six innings, but in the game against SSG on March 30, he was exited early by allowing six runs in 2.2 innings, and in the game against KIA on April 5, he collapsed in two consecutive games by allowing five runs in five innings.

However, he gradually began to regain stability. After playing the most innings since entering the KBO League with 6.2 scoreless innings against Lotte on April 11, he gradually began to play his role as a starting pitcher. Unfortunately, he only pitched five innings. He pitched only five innings against Doosan on April 17 and LG on April 23.

After achieving his third quality start of the season by allowing two runs in six innings at the match against Kiwoom on April 28, he made quality start for three consecutive games until the match against NC. Notably, the match against NC produced 10 strikeouts, boasting his ability to induce strikeouts.

Originally, Reyes was scheduled to play on Wednesday, but his neck was delayed by one day due to discomfort in his neck. After taking another day off, Reyes validated his performance by pitching well. “I had some neck pain, but I had no problem pitching,” Reyes said after the game. He could have delayed his pitching further if his condition was not perfect, but Reyes pitched for his team. “I was able to pitch well thanks to the trainer’s good treatment,” Reyes said.

He also did not mind his personal record. “I did not care about the record,” he said. “I focused on the strike zone while playing with catcher Lee Byung-hun, and threw with confidence in the fielders who were guarding him. I think I have achieved my strikeout record thanks to my teammates.”

The only flaw in the game was a home run hit by Matt Davidson, a batter from outside the NC Dinosaurs. With one out and a runner on first base in the fourth inning, Davidson hit his fourth slider, allowing a two-run homer over the left fence. The flying distance amounted to 135 meters. Reyes acknowledged the moment as a “mistake” and recalled facing Davidson again in the sixth inning. Reyes had another slider on his fourth pitch, but left fielder Koo Ja-wook caught it and overcame the crisis. “Koo Ja-wook did a good job, so I was able to finish the inning without losing a point,” Reyes also said.

Reyes shook his head when it came to the assessment that he has adapted to the KBO League. “I think I need to adapt more and more,” Reyes said. “I will do my best to improve myself in the music.”

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