WCLC awards 2021 lottery prize of C$348 mln

Western Canada Lottery Corporation released its annual report on players’ lottery wins to mark the end of 2021. According to the report, lottery fans in the company’s prairie and northern regions won a total of C$348 million in prize money this year, 81 of which won more than C$1 million.

As the year drew to a close, the Crown Agency looked back on what had been a beneficial year for many lottery players in its jurisdiction. According to WCLC officials, prizes worth more than $1 million represent only a fraction of the total merchandise that goes to players who are acquired at retailers and online every year.

The largest lottery winnings recorded by WCLC players in 2021 was C$60 million, which came from a Lotto Max game. The winner is in Winnipeg, which is the largest lottery jackpot in Manitoba’s history, with the jackpot split between four families. The family shared that they didn’t think of a way to spend a hefty dividend.

The region’s second-largest jackpot was also claimed last October by Lotto Max’s Saskatoon ticket holder, which was worth C$55 million. The third-largest windfall was won a few months ago, as a ticket holder from Pincher Creek, Alberta, took home her Lotto Max jackpot of C$34,162,116.30 in August. He described the win as surprising and amazing.

The WCLC also provided an analysis of how the major awards were awarded in the region’s largest cities. Winnipeg has won more than C$65 million in major awards. Saskatoon won three major awards, contributing to C$58 million. Edmonton won 10 big awards, accumulating more than C$46.5 million. Calgary has won 15 big awards worth 17 million Canadian dollars.

According to WCLC, in 2021, more than 56 people won prizes in Alberta worth more than C$1 million. The largest prize money was C$34,162,116.30, while the total prize money of more than C$1 million was C$151,362,420.96. Next is Saskatchewan, which has eight major winners with a windfall of more than $1 million, with the state’s biggest prize being C$55 million that Matthew Popels received.

The state of Manitoba announced a total of 13 winners who received more than one million Canadian dollars in lottery prize money. As already mentioned, the state’s biggest winner was C$60 million. The total amount of $1 million and prize money is impressive at C$130,508,503.30. Yukon also received $3 million and prize money, while Nunavut and Northwest Territories received only one prize.

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