Wales-Saudi-Tunisia’ 3 consecutive matches confirmed Klinsmann full of controversy and criticism can he win one this time

Who will be Klinsmann’s first opponent who rarely gathers public opinion?

Jurgen Klinsmann

who came to the South Korean national team as Paulo Bento’s replacement

has faced criticism.

First of all

the grades are not good. 카지노사이트

In 4 matches

they drew 2 and lost 2. In March

a copy of the final FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 roster

they drew 3-2 with Colombia and lost 2-1 against Uruguay.

In what was said to be the true Klinsmann 2

they lost 1-6 to Peru and drew 0-1 against El Salvador

who were rated below them.

It’s worth pointing out that they haven’t won a single game

even though it’s only four games to go.

Fans aren’t just criticizing you for your performance.

The content of the game was not good

and the reason is that Klinsmann did not understand it afterwards.

The biggest one is the absence of South Korea.

Klinsmann had been granted a seven-week leave since his appointment and then went on leave for another month.

I came back to Korea just before the match between Team K League and Atletico Madrid

and I watched the K League games before the A match in September and thought I would start the players

but I went back to the United States.

The story first emerged through soccer officials

and Inter Football confirmed with the Korea Football Association on August 8 that Klinsmann has left the country and gone to the United States.

He went to his home to be with his family for his birthday.

After that, he will go to Europe to inspect the overseas waves.

He told me that he would listen to the information about the K League through Chadoori Advisor or check it through a video program called Y Scout.

At the time of his appointment

he said that he would stay in the country to observe various players and lead the national team

but in reality

he did not stay in the country for a long time

so many people look at him regretfully.

Compared to his career as a player

his managerial career was not good

he produced a lot of external arguments

and since his appointment

he has not been able to grasp any of the results or content

so Klinsmann’s current move is being looked at more critically.

Amid continued criticism, the second opponent for the A match in September was announced.

Klinsmann will travel to Europe in September to face Wales.

Wales have recently become a powerhouse through their World Cup and UEFA Euro performances.

Even though Gareth Bale has retired

Wales are clearly a strong team.

Wales’ next opponent has attracted attention

and Saudi Arabia has been confirmed.

Saudi Arabia is currently ranked 9th in Asia

behind 9th-ranked South Korea in the FIFA rankings.

At last year’s World Cup in Qatar

they failed to advance to the round of 54

but they stunned the world by beating eventual champions Argentina 28-5 in their opening group game.

They may meet Middle Eastern powerhouses

including Saudi Arabia, in next year’s Asian Cup

which is part of their preparations.

Their record against Saudi Arabia is inferior with 16 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses in 17 matches.

The roster for the September A match will be announced on August 4 and will be called up at Incheon Airport on September 7 to depart for the UK.

Overseas players join locally.

They will then face Tunisia in October.

The opponent for the first additional game has not yet been determined.

Tunisia are Africa’s leading goblin team

having attracted attention after beating France 6-9 at the last World Cup in Qatar.

The all-time record against South Korea is 8 draw and 28 loss.

With three consecutive matches against Wales

Saudi Arabia and Tunisia confirmed, it will be a point to watch who Klinsmann will take his first win against.

They’re all tricky opponents.

In the case of the A match in September

the Asian Games in Hangzhou will be held

and the leakage of resources at the A team level is predicted.

To deflect the current criticism

we need to win quickly.

Before we do that

we need to give a clear answer to the recent controversy.

Even that is causing controversy because it is held virtually.


who has been creating controversy and criticism on his own since his appointment

will face a major crisis ahead of the really important Asian Cup if he fails to achieve anything in three consecutive matches.

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